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Quantum Entanglement and Poltergeist Activity

What Exactly is Quantum Entanglement?

The field of quantum physics can easily be mind-boggling for the average person. I know I have spent many hours trying to sort through material, familiarize myself with terminology and concepts, and make sense of the processes involved with this amazing phenomenon of science.

There are three men accredited with writing a physics paper on this very subject - Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen. In this publication Einstein refers to "spooky action at a distance" which essentially means it was discovered that two entangled particles exist in a complementary state. If one particle is altered in any way, then the other particle will be altered in the same way, regardless of their distance to each other.

Entanglement is traditionally performed and studied on photons because light is easier to manipulate and monitor than atoms or electrons. Typically light is beamed through a prism and the result is multiple rays of light which were entangled at the source. If one light beam is altered, all the other light beams are "communicated" with to respond in like.

It is a very strange phenomenon that we are really just beginning to understand. Our knowledge so far has created the technology of fiber optics and, more recently, the development of quantum computers.

Haunted Objects

Back in June of this year I wrote an article on limestone and its paranormal properties. In it the subject of haunted objects is briefly discussed as being explainable through quantum entanglement. This phenomenon creates what I am coining the term " paranormal plankton", and also offers an explanation as to how an object can take on emotional energy.

"On a molecular level, any object is able to take on energy or mass and incorporate it into itself through particle exchange. These objects can hold this energy for either short or long periods of time. One very strong type of energy that objects can absorb is emotional - the same energy you can feel after you walk into a room where a heated argument has occurred. The air is thick and feels electrically charged and you can almost feel the static permeating your skin. That's because it is." By keeping this in mind, what can be said about poltergeist activity?

Let's first take a look at a perhaps not so well-known case of a very strong poltergeist that moved into a auto repair shop in the country of Wales back in the 1980's.

Cardiff Bay, Bristol Channel
The Cardiff Poltergeist - Mower Services

This case is one that would even have the skeptics scratching their head because there were so many witnesses to the activity. Paranormal events were confirmed by "police officers, insurance officials, academics, a priest, and a large number of Mower Service's customers." This story is very unique for such an establishment.

John and Pat Matthews, along with brother Fred, were running this automobile repair center not far from the shores that you see in the above photo. The center had built up quite a loyal group of customers from the Cardiff area. They were doing pretty good. One day, however, things began to change:

      "John and Fred were doing some repairs on a car in the workshop area of their premises when suddenly they heard a tremendous clattering coming from the roof. Assuming that children were outside throwing stones, Fred went to investigate, only to find the surrounding area to be deserted." 

This event was the beginning of what John said was when the "spirit decided to move in." The new tenant, who was given the friendly name of "Pete", would, over the next few months, end up creating nearly all of the classic activities associated with poltergeists:

  • Disappearing Objects.  "Money would come up missing, then turn-up stuck to the ceiling or wedged in a crack in the wall."
  • Objects Levitating or Thrown.  It was documented that rocks, pens, and coins were thrown, sometimes on request.
  • Knocks, footsteps, rappings.     There were multiple instances of footsteps and playful child-like tricks played on family members or customers.
  • Scents and Odors.     Mysterious, overpowering smells were reported.
  • Electrical Interference.  
  • Physical Attacks.   A "large, heavy brick was hurled at Fred, narrowly missing his face."
  • Objects Powering Up.   Clocks, radios, and televisions are known to suddenly turn on, many times these items haven't worked in years or they aren't plugged in or have batteries in them. In the Cardiff case, motors and generators were found running overnight with no possible means of this happening.

From A Scientific View, How Is This Possible?

Although there are actually seven classic traits to poltergeists, I only want to focus on two of them - moving objects and disappearing objects. 

How it could be possible for "Pete" to throw objects, many times on command? An experiment was set up by several individuals at the Cardiff auto shop whereby:

     "All doors and exits were then locked and the remaining individuals sat around a large circular table holding hands. The group then requested the spirit to make its presence known and sure enough a stone suddenly landed on the table. This prompted one of those present to suggest that the group should record the responses by writing them down. Seconds later a pen was thrown from nowhere, again landing on the table."

These types of activities were performed very often by this intelligent entity. In an effort to quell "Pete", an expert by the name of David Fontana was called in to investigate. This report became very well-known and was published in the Journal of Psychical Research. I am in the process of obtaining this report and will share more information in a future newsletter once and if I have it in my hands.

The Hypothesis...

I'm hoping that I can make an undisputed assertion that an entity is made up of something. What that something actually is comprised of is still a mystery. Most entities can be seen with the physical eye to some degree (many times with peripheral vision) and so I would assert that they, just like you and I, are made up of atoms. The only difference is that we inhabit a physical body while they do not.

Because an entity does not have a physical body, it is able to move through walls, objects, and even people themselves. If you have ever felt a sudden intense spine tingle with no obvious source - well, that is an entity moving through you and disrupting your natural energies. I feel this phenomenon quite frequently.

This ability to pass through physical objects also gives them an ability to entangle with them. By placing a hand, foot, or other body part through a hairbrush, as an example, the entity will thus entangle with the brush on a subatomic level. This will happen within nanoseconds and so there is no real visible time between contact and movement of the object. Motion is fluid.

According to the properties of entanglement:

     "an action performed on one atom will reverberate on any atom entangled with it, even if the particles are far apart." - Scientific American

Entities therefore can put their subatomic imprint into an object and then manipulate the object because of this principle. The hairbrush then can be moved or thrown just as if it were performed in the physical realm.

Emotional energies like anger will increase the strength of entanglement (and as such the force and speed of a thrown object) just like an increase in the intensity of light can create multiple entanglements. A link to Technology Review supporting this claim can be seen by clicking here.

More Supporting Evidence

There are several ways that a poltergeist can be removed from a property or from an individual. The most common techniques involve a simple ritual of burning sage and allowing the smoke to ward off the entity. Some instances require the invitation of a priest to drive the entity from the premises.

There is yet another way to end a poltergeist, and this technique was used in the Cardiff case. After Pete became extremely disruptive, John, Fred and his wife finally decided to move from the Mower Services premises. Pete, not to be deterred, followed Fred home and began the poltergeist activity there.

     "In a final attempt to rid himself  of his supernatural sidekick, Fred consulted with a medium, who advised him to smash or break any items that the poltergeist moved or interfered with. Sure enough, this method worked and Pete never returned to visit Fred again."

Based on the information given on entanglement, it would seem that this phenomenon can work in both directions. Just as Pete is able to entangle with objects and make them move or be thrown, so too can the object affect Pete. By smashing or breaking the entangled object, Pete's subatomic link is broken and thus ends the poltergeist activity. What happens to one directly affects the other.

The Enduring Mystery of Teleportation

In my last newsletter that many of you received this photo should look familiar. It is taken from the television series Star Trek, which made its climax during the 1970's and 80's. I love the show and have many fond memories of watching James T. Kirk fist fighting with the aliens, Spock dropping someone with his classic neck pinch, or McCoy saying, "dammit Jim, I'm just a doctor!".

The idea of teleporting someone across miles of space seemed to be an impossible task 40 years ago and was left to the minds of science fiction writers. Today, however, we are making great strides to make this ability a reality. To quote Brian Clegg:

     "...entanglement makes it possible to transfer a particle, and potentially an object, from one place to another without passing through the space in between."

This would assert that there is a natural law (or probably more like several laws) that allow for teleportation to be possible in our realm as well as the spiritual realm. Even Albert Einstein reluctantly admitted that there is some merit to this mystery of entanglement and all of its possibilities. He called it "Spukhafte Fernwirkungen" 

This, of course, would have to prove that Einstein was wrong in certain theorems, especially his Theory of Relativity. We are well on our way to doing just that. A link supporting this claim can be found here.

The ability for an unseen or barely seen spirit to move or launch an object through the properties of quantum physics could be a possible explanation. Can we come up with a better explanation?

How About You, Poltergeist Entity?

     "...the quantum world has an extra unseen dimension through which apparently spatially separated objects can communicate as if they were side by side." - The God Effect

Within many poltergeist activities there are reports of objects disappearing either altogether or they will reappear in another location. This really can only happen in two ways:
  • Either the object is physically moved through the air and set down in another place or,
  • Entities somehow have an ability to manipulate the powers of teleportation to relocate objects much like a magician. 
In many ways disappearing objects do strongly resemble sleight of hand. How an entity can remove something without a trace and then have it reappear in another spot is a mystery that even quantum mechanics will have a tough time explaining, but with more research I would love to crack that nut. 

Closing Thoughts...

I believe that there are natural laws in the spirit realm that are easily accessible by entities but completely a mystery to our world. One huge way to better make sense of it all is through studying life at the subatomic level in our physical world and then seeing if and how these same principles can be applied to the spiritual world. The goal is to try and better understand life as it is here and to finally decipher the mysterious world on the other side of the invisible veil.

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Works Cited

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Animal Hauntings and Your Pet's Afterlife

The Master of Horror Fiction    

In 1989 the movie Pet Sematary made its debut in theatres thoughout the country. Stephen King, its author, had been publishing books since 1973 when he introduced Carrie to the publishing world. This is the first publication that the horror writer had addressed the issue of animals and what happens to their spirits when they die.

Those of us old enough remember the storyline, but, in case you've forgotten or do not know, here it is. The Louis Creed family moves into a small town in Maine. Their neighbor, whom they've befriended, introduces them to the isolated pet cemetery behind the Creeds' new home. Beyond the pet cemetery is an old Indian Micmac burial ground.

A cat, named Church, is killed by a truck in front of their house and they bury him in the Indian grounds. Church comes back to their house that night "an evil shell of himself, attacking Louis and smelling of death." ( Soon thereafter, Louis' son, Gage, is killed by a truck and he too is buried in Micmac. Gage comes back as well and kills his mother and the neighbor.

Real Elements of a Haunting

Although Stephen King's story most likely originated from his many nightmares that inspired his books, some of the elements of a haunting hold true. When an animal dies, its spirit can still haunt the property in which it resided in life.

Church came back as a demon spawn smelling of rotting flesh, which is also a valid aspect of a demon presence. In Steven LaChance's Union House in Missouri (see my Union Extreme Hauntings posts), the smell of decaying flesh existed in parts of the house. Really powerful demons exude this stench and the activity in the Union house absolutely confirms this fact.

Church is, of course, fiction and an extreme case of an animal haunting. In my research I have been unable to find any real experiences that even come close to this event. Most animal hauntings tend to be residual, left over imprints from when the animal was once alive. 

Three such hauntings have taken place. One is in the infamous Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri. Another continuously happens in the Hand Hotel in Fairplay. Colorado. I have my own story of a cat who returned to our house after she died. Her name is Puddles - and we still feel her presence today.


The Lemp Mansion

The story of the Lemp mansion in St. Louis is one that is well known throughout the paranormal world. Nearly all of the smallest and biggest investigators, including Ghost Hunters and the trio from Ghost Adventures, have visited this site with amazing results.

The Lemps were beer brewmasters who established an empire that left them wealthy beyond their own years. Their success gave them all the money and power that they could ever dream up, however, for many of the Lemps, their happiness was elusive.

From 1904 - 1949, three of the Lemp men and Edwin III's wife, Elsa, committed suicide in the mansion. Their spirits have either been seen or are believed to be roaming the hallways even to this day. The last suicide, committed by Charles Lemp, is the one associated with this particular animal haunting.

There are conflicting stories of what happened before Charles put a .38 caliber bullet in his skull. There are accounts that say he shot his dog before he shot himself. Other accounts say this never happened. The story that serves as the basis for an animal haunting is as follows:

                  "While living in the mansion over the years [Charles] developed an obsessive/compulsive disorder. One day, a few years after [his Down Syndrome nephew] in the attic died, Charles shot his dog in the basement, though the dog's body was found halfway up the back stairway, which goes up to the third floor. Charles then shot himself in his second floor room." (

Guests who have stayed at the Lemp Mansion, which is now a bed and breakfast, have claimed that they have had encounters with the "ghost dog." Some have seen its apparition in the upstairs room and others have actually felt the dog brush them as it walked by.

It is extremely difficult to find these accounts either in books or online. Clearly animal hauntings are either not common or they do not receive the attention they deserve. The Lemp book I used for researching this article doesn't even mention the dog. Truly a mystery.

The Hand Hotel

"The Hand Hotel in Fairplay, Colorado has a fair amount of paranormal activity (according to Kym and Mark Todd, authors and paranormal investigators who wrote this section), with reports of full-body apparitions manifesting on the second-floor hallway, faces appearing on at least one guestroom mirror, and child-size imprints on freshly made beds. And housekeeping staff often find messed-up beds after they've prepared and locked rooms.

[Kym and Mark's] favorite paranormal sighting at the Hand, however, concerns its 'ghost dog,' which roams the entire premises. Rooms Two and Eleven have many reports of guests inquiring about who's keeping a dog at the hotel - but it's not there for a one-time visit!

On one occasion, a town constable emerged from the downstairs bathroom with pants still around his knees, complaining about a dog that had chased him out. No one could find a dog in the facilities afterwards.

The ghost dog also has a reputation for appearing in various rooms and tugging bed covers off guests during the night, sometimes barking, sometimes growling.

Another account occurred in the basement which, at the time, was the site for a children's Halloween party. Two tykes came upstairs, reporting they enjoyed playing with the dog in the basement. Former hotel owner Pat Pocius said she could see the imprints on their little hands that night, looking like a puppy had playfully nipped them."

Thank you so much, Kym and Mark Todd, for these wonderful stories and a great contribution to this article!

     -excerpt from working title: WILD WEST GHOSTS, An Amateur Ghosthunter Guide to Haunted Hotels in Southwest Colorado - due out in late spring 2015.

Puddles Still Visits Our Bedroom

My wife's cat, named Puddles, had been a household friend for 14 years. Everyone in the family loved her and all of the kids grew up knowing the benefits of a feline companion. And Puddles loved everyone back with her loud purrs and prancing meow she would dance either when she was happy or perhaps when her food dish was empty.

courtesy Flickr
Sadly enough, Puddles acquired some sort of internal organ deterioration as her bowels began to shut down as she got closer to the end of her life. She eventually became known for her loud, wet sharts (as we called them, those wet nasty farts that were mostly loose poop) she would spew into her litter box, many times spraying it upon the wall in the corner. Her illness got so bad she had to be put down because she was suffering miserable pain and there wasn't a remedy.

Puddles did come back to visit us quite often after her death. There were quite a few times when we would hear "phantom sharting" in the corner of our room while reading in bed and we, at first, thought we were imagining the sounds.
Her meows were heard periodically throughout the house and the tapping patter of her footsteps could be heard walking down the granite floor hallway.

Our initial theories were that this was simply a residual haunting. However, something happened that made me question that perhaps she actually may have returned as an intelligent haunting, as so many humans do.

One evening, I was lying in our bed and I actually felt something jump onto the mattress. As I looked to the spot of impact, I noticed a few imprints in the quilt that were deeply beveled as though something was standing on the bed. I felt the pressure on my calves and then I felt something plop down, making one large imprint. This was Puddles jumping onto our bed, as she had done so many times in life, and laying down at my feet. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it!

Final Thoughts

Animal hauntings many times are left to the crafty minds of such writers like Stephen King. When a horror writer tackles this phenomenon it usually is taken to the extreme with the presence of some sort of demon spawn. And not to say that demons possessing animals isn't possible, because it is. However, the reality is that most animal hauntings aren't that aggressive.

In the Lemp Mansion, Charles' dog is more of an innocent presence who wanders the rooms in curiosity. Most of the time he appear to guests as an apparition and every now and then may inadvertently brush against someone.

In the Hand Hotel, that dog is quite unique. It seems like he or she is more of a puppy who is stuck in the spirit realm and doesn't realize it. The puppy likes to pull of bed covers, playfully nip the hands of children, and even chase a constable off the crapper. The puppy barks and growls as well. He or she does everything that an animal would do in real life. I would certainly assert that in this case the Hand Hotel clearly has an intelligent haunting on its property.

Puddles was a wonderful example for me an a paranormal investigator and for my children as well. They now know that when an animal, or human for that matter, passes on through death that they don't actually go away for good. There is a sort of comfort for them in knowing that Puddles is still with us even in the afterlife. It makes death look less scary for them.

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Ghost Hunters at Trans Allegheny Lunatic Assylum

                                         If you haven't seen this 85 minute episode yet, check it out!
                        Surprise guest Grant Wilson coins new paranormal term...."ghost sandwich". Enjoy!

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Haunted Schoolhouses: Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri

Gratiot School near the St. Louis Zoo

Schoolhouse Rock

Schoolhouses have a very ancient and diverse history. The colonial colleges in America date as far back as 1636 (Harvard University), although most learning institutions were founded no earlier than the late-1700's. In fact, a majority were established during the 1830's and 1840's leading up to the newer schools that have been up and running only a few years.

Here in St. Louis there has been a boom of magnet and charter schools, some only 2 to 3 years old. There are many, though, that have been abandoned and left as a skeletal reminder of days gone by. Gratiot School is an example of such a brick and mortar tomb for entities who have left behind their physical bodies many decades ago. They just don't want to leave.

But first, let's visit the state of Ohio where a campus is up in arms over the incredible amount of activity that is being experienced on its grounds. As a native of Ohio, I had to start here.

The Ohio University

Ohio University opened its doors "in 1808 with one building, three students, and one professor". In 1828 it graduated its first black man, the third in the nation, and, in 1873, the first woman graduated as well. Since this time the university has become known throughout the world as a very reputable learning institution.

Although scholastically OU is ranked #129, according to U.S. News and World Report, it is considered to be the most haunted college in the country. The entire campus has had a multitude of experiences with the most famous haunting being Room 428 of Wilson Hall.

The university is geographically located in the center of five cemeteries that form a pentagram. These cemeteries are Simms, Hanning, Zion, Higgins, and Cuckler. It would seem more so that coincidental superstition would drive the paranormal associations behind the events on the Ohio University campus. Of course, it is common knowledge that the center of a pentagram represents the greatest power. By the many eyewitness accounts, it certainly would seem true that these five cemeteries would be an influencing factor. Can it be that the spirits of the deceased gather on these hallowed grounds to either wander for eternity or perhaps to scare the crap out of new students through footsteps, voices, and poltergeist activity? Research has shown that the college was built on a mental hospital grounds and could also be the site of an Indian cemetery.

Wilson Hall is at the center of this pentagram and it is reported to be the most active. The original haunting is said to have begun with the mysterious death of a man in room 428. I haven't been able to find any details about his death, all that we know is that however he died, it has set off intense paranormal activity. Students hear voices and footsteps along with objects being moved about the room. This sounds as though a restless spirit continues to room the property perhaps in search of closure that will never come.

The room has been officially closed off and deemed uninhabitable. This happened after a girl who stayed in the room violently dies after practicing some occult rituals. It was reported that she was involved with sorcery and was attempting to contact the dead. She did this through astral projection, which simply means her spirit left her body to explore the unseen world.

This an extremely dangerous practice and is discussed in depth in H. P. Lovecraft's Necronomicon. Although his work is purported to be fiction, there is at least one version of this book that has its roots in Sumerian and Babylonian demonology. I read it many years ago as a naive teenager and I remember some parts of it.

The book runs you through a series of spiritual gates whereby it is necessary for a candidate to involve themselves in astral projection. It provides a series of chants and rituals that prepare you to leave your body and move through the stages. An entity, called a Watcher, temporarily takes over your body while you walk through the motions. This watcher looks very frightening and is meant to scare away any demons who try to take over your physical body. The unfortunate part is that the Watcher is a coward and, if provoked strongly enough, can be chased from your body. You then will be trapped in the spirit world.

I'm not sure if this kind of sorcery was practiced by the girl in Room 428. However, from the accounts I have found, she did fling her body from the window to her death. It certainly could be a possibility.

Here's a video by the SyFy Channel that will give you a little more insight into the OU campus:

Milton School in Alton, Illinois

Flickr Creative Commons
The Milton School has a very dark story attached to its history. It was built in 1904 and was active for 80 years when it was closed down in the summer of 1984.

A terrible tragedy is reported to have happened in the 1930's. According to the legend, a young female student, who has become known as Mary, was finishing up "a seasonal bulletin for her classroom" late one fall afternoon. As she "stapled the last construction paper leaf on the board", the sun was fast setting in the sky and she knew she had to head home soon. After scooping up her books, she heads down the last stairway and comes around the corner into the gym. Suddenly, she hears a noise behind her. It would be the last sound she would hear with her innocent ears. According to the Alton Hauntings website:

     "Mary was discovered the next morning in the girl's shower room, in the basement of the school. Her small body was bloody and battered, her clothing torn and scattered about. Most horrific of all was that fact that the young girl had been brutally raped."

In Mary's last moments of life she was able to scratch her attacker because the police had found bloody skin under her nails. At first no one had a clue what sick animal would commit such an atrocity. But then it was realized that the janitor had come up missing and eventually two and two were put together. The police found this man living with his elderly mother and he indeed have scratches on him, although he said it was from his cat.

After faculty began discussing the janitor's weird and nearly pedophilic behavior, it became very clear that this was the man. A few days afterward he was found dead swinging by the neck in the basement of Milton School with a note at his feet that read "I Did It". Some say suicide, others say revenge.

The photos above and to the left are of this basement where Mary was murdered. Notice the presence of orbs that we captured during our investigation of Milton School.

The night was very active with loud bangs, whispered voices, a strong sense of someone watching us throughout the basement, and little bit of shadowplay. This janitor still roams all of the rooms, a soul forever in unrest.

Milton School, much like all of Alton, Illinois, is a very haunted landmark. Although I have not been able to find the footage yet (I seem to be quite challenged lately), I believe that when the TAPS Team visited this location, Amy Bruni fled the premises in the middle of the investigation. This is certainly not her personality. Something really scared the crap out of her.

Gratiot School in St. Louis, Missouri

This schoolhouse, which has now been abandoned for several years, was first built in 1882 and had two wings built onto it in 1899 and 1919. Research information on this property is very sparse, however, I was able to find out that Charles Gratiot was a very active member of the now Dogtown community. He was the first presiding judge of the town of St. Louis and owned vast amounts of property in the area, including this school. At one point in history, as well, it was used as a school strictly for pregnant girls. Back in the early 1900's a pregnant young lady would be shunned by the public and classmates would bully and ridicule her as well. Gratiot School served as a sort of safe haven for these girls.

This school does not have a dark history like Wilson Hall or Milton School, but it has had quite a fascination for me throughout the years. I first made an attempt to enter the building, however, it is boarded up tight. I suppose if it weren't, then it would be full of homeless people. A good move on the city's part.

I also discovered in my research that there is a lot of asbestos in the building just like in Molly Stark Hospital. I do not own a respirator, so going inside is definitely out of the question.

 The Investigation

As I walked through the south entrance of the schoolyard and approached the building, I saw movement in the first floor window. At first I dismissed what I saw as nothing but then after thinking about it for a minute, I did see something dressed in tan garb move to the right of the window and disappear into the interior. I'm pretty sure someone saw me coming.

I walked all around the building shooting photos of the windows and any areas that I thought might capture either an orb, a mist, a shadow, or some sort of light anomaly. I hadn't found any evidence in my research that Gratiot School had any tragedies on its grounds, I was just hoping to catch something.

I did capture light anomalies in three different photos, two of them are here. It is very difficult to see the white balls of light in the windows with these pictures, since they are so tiny. They might possibly be debunked as a reflection off of something in the building since the sun was still beaming outside. I caught four of these lights altogether - not exactly sure what to make of them.
Middle window, top of large lower pane

A Ghostly Conclusion

All three of these schools have a very different story and dark pasts. Usually when we think of intense paranormal activity, our first thoughts lead us to insane asylums like the Mansfield Reformatory or mental hospitals like Molly Stark. Brutal bloody murders in country homes and Satan worshipers practicing sorcery in a city basement will also top that list.

Perhaps now you may think a little different about these preconceived notions of what constitutes a haunting. Whether it is a grade school or a college campus, you never know who lurks on the grounds or what sinister story lies behind the entities who torment the students and faculty of your local school!!! Have a spine-shivering All Hallow's Eve!

And....if you're's part II of the Ohio University video. Check out how real the demon face looks in the door....

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Halloween Update: Paranormal Schoolhouses

Milton School in Alton, Illinois

I had hoped to be able to publish an article this month about all of the paranormal activity that has gone on in my house for many years. We have had a lot of experiences that have left us wondering and a bit scared at times:

  • Multiple voices heard either individually throughout the house or in muffled groups primarily in our basement.
  • Shadow people of all sizes appear and disappear periodically.
  • The dining room ceiling fan turns off  and the lights flicker, many times turning off.
  • Mild and sometimes rather chaotic forms of oppression can hit the household and then leave just as quickly.
  • Children and an adult have seen an ogre-like creature in their room.
  • Consistent banging, knocking or the sound of objects dropping in the house, mostly in the basement
There is other activity that has gone on in our little haunted house, but I'm having trouble finding the photo and video evidence. So...I've decided to wait until later to write this article.

Instead....I will be publishing a special article on haunted school houses right in time for the celebration of Halloween.

I hope it will make you think twice about your kids' schools. Mu ha ha ha ha ha....!!

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Investigating the Veil Between Our Worlds

Molly Stark Hospital

Last month I was offered another opportunity to write an article for horror fiction author Brian Moreland. Brian has written four books entitled Dead of Winter, Shadows in the Mist, The Witching House, The Devil's Woods and a short story The Girl From the Blood Coven. His talents go far beyond just writing, as he is a writing coach, editor, book designer, and much more. To see his full bio, please check him out at Dark Lucidity or view his professional endeavors on LinkedIn.

What to Write About?

Although I do have my own sites that I try hard to publish quality material, I really want to offer something special to those I have an opportunity to guest write. After combing through my repertoire of ideas I finally settled on the very mysterious phenomenon of the veil that separates the physical and spiritual worlds.

The focus of the article is primarily on cemeteries since they house the millions of people who have traversed this barrier. Some of them do cross back over to give us the familiar hauntings we see on television, hear about through social media, or experience ourselves.

The geography covers three states - Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio. It really doesn't matter where you are in the world, there is always consistency in the level of activity. However, how this veil is broken down can be very different from location to location.

The Realities of the Spirit Realm

The veil between our two worlds is thin, very thin. Fortunately, though, it is strong enough to hold back most harmful entities. As a child you may have envisioned or have heard other people experiencing the kinds of visitations that might look much like the photo.

When I was a kid I held the greatest fear of looking out my bedroom window because I swore there was a clown-like monster who kept peeking his head around the corner of the window.

I also heard scratching noises under my bed on the wooden rail slots that kept me awake at night. I never allowed even the tiniest inch of my body to hang over the bedside for fear something was going to grab me.

All of this was very real to me and could perhaps be attributed to some kind of childhood nightmares.

The stories you will read on Brian's blog are not nightmares or some childhood delusions. They are very real and can be supported with good evidence.

I invite you to stop by his site and check out the article entitled  Ectoplasm, Unseen Entites, and Gatekeepers in Haunted Cemeteries. He just posted another interesting story full of very unusual incidents that happened to a family in Connecticut. In this house there are 8 entities with 3 of them exhibiting very malevolent acts.

Next month on The Paranormal Blog, I will be publishing an article of my own little haunted house. Our house has a very interesting and active past that I would like to share with you. I think you'll enjoy it. Thank you for your reading support and tell a friend! ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Molly Stark Hospital: Revisited

     I recently had the opportunity to revisit Molly Stark Hospital while spending time with my family in Ohio. I really hadn't officially decided to make another visit, however, my teenage nephew was very excited to do so. It would seem that our first experience together here 3 years ago has really made an impact on him. He and his friends regularly meet on these grounds to walk around and, yes, perhaps break the trespassing law by trying to get inside the buildings. All of us adults work hard to discourage this activity, but, as most of us will be kids. So...we did another investigation, and here's how it went.

Breaking Some New Ground

On our last investigation we focused entirely on the huge hospital itself. It did give us some amazing activity, however, this time we decided to start with the smaller asylum you see pictured above.
The architecture on this building is just as ornate as the hospital and it is just as creepy. As we walked around its perimeter, you could feel eyes watching  from somewhere within this boarded up building. This time around I brought a digital voice recorder which I kept running, every now and then sticking it close to an opening or in through a broken window. After holding it in the window on the backside of the building and later reviewing the evidence, we think we can hear a female voice saying a couple of sentences. It is difficult to ascertain what the exact words are because our device is a bit crude and is made more for capturing lectures given by professors. It does, however, made a significant contribution to the activity that is prevalent on this site.

The second floor window pictured here serves as a great spot for an entity to peer out of at an onlooker and then disappear behind the frame so as not to be seen. It was hard to see if there was any movement because it was so dark and there wasn't any light we could use as a contrast.

The Hospital: Revisited

After finishing our investigation of the asylum, we ventured over to the hospital just to see if by chance we could capture any of the activity like the last time we were here. Just around the corner we encountered this warning graffitied on the wooden door. Indeed, every effort was being made to keep people out of Molly Stark, not only because it is a crumbling danger zone, but it is also full of asbestos. A park ranger now continuously walks around the premises and, at one point, he approached us and began making small talk just to see if we were up to anything we shouldn't be. We have that conversation recorded on the DVR. He is now submitted evidence. :)

While walking around the perimeter we took several photos of the balconies, windows, and doorways where we had captured orbs before. This time around we didn't catch anything. But, when the park ranger wasn't in our immediate vicinity, we did pull back a couple of the plywood boards and do some quick shots. Here we did capture a couple things we are not sure how to debunk, if they can be debunked at all.

In this photo, off to the right and in the center, you can see a white ball of light. We took several pictures of this room without a flash and each picture revealed this phenomenon except for one. Can we call it an orb? We're not really sure.

These two photos were our greatest capture on this investigation. If you look at the picture on the left, you'll see a room with a doorway leading out of the shower. From a paranormal viewpoint, there isn't anything to see. However, if you look at the picture above of the exact same room, you'll notice some white streaks in the room. At first thought one might suggest these are simply reflections from the window shining back. The problem is, there wasn't a window here.
What really caught our attention was the green mist that can be seen in the middle of the doorway. When we look at the actual photo, this mist is very clear. Many times when we do see a mist like this, it tends to be a form of ectoplasm, however, the green color has us scratching our heads. Was an entity trying to manifest itself for us?

Concluding Thoughts

Once again Molly Stark has proven itself to be a very active site. In our brief amount of time here, we were able to capture more evidence that simply puts the nail in the coffin that this place is haunted. We do not believe there are any malevolent entities on the grounds, just maybe some of them are a bit scary because, face it, many of the patients were psychologically crazy. I do wonder if my great great aunt and her son still walk in and throughout the Molly Stark territory. I would like to think that their souls are content and that they are happy to be a part of what soon will be Molly Stark Park. Perhaps as well the beauty of a new landscape will allow all of the souls here to rest in peace.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties: Can This Be Possible?

Limestone Cave
"Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the form of the mineral calcite. It most commonly forms in clear, warm, shallow marine waters. It is usually organic sedimentary rock that forms from the accumulation of shell, coral, algal and fecal debris. It can also be a chemical sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate from lake or ocean water." -

By simply reading this definition one would think it impossible that an organic rock could possibly contribute to paranormal activity. The skeptics have certainly ruled this "nonsense" out and even some paranormal investigators have concluded:
          "I do not believe that Limestone can generate a residual haunting because Limestone is mainly made up of organic matter....there is no sign that Limestone can hold any type of light energy. The release mechanism is there, because Limestone reacts to hydrochloric acid, but [due] to what Limestone is made of I don't think it's possible." - L.I.P.I

Paranormal Plankton

When I read the definition I had a little brainstorm. And it's quite a stretch in reasoning. Limestone is essentially made up of dead sea creatures' skeletal remains. Could it be possible that their little mortal souls still have some energy attached to their earthly bodies? Human bodies may still have some energy tied to them when they are dead. This could be why cemeteries tend to be very active. The grave represents the site where the veil of the afterlife has been crossed. The physical body may carry residual energy inside of it well after death. Why couldn't this happen with the calcified bodies of sea life? The limestone rock serves as the grave and within the limestone billions of tiny amounts of energy exist in one large mass. Collectively an entity could harvest this energy in the same manner baleen whales scoop up their food. Thus my thought of paranormal plankton. I know, I've gone too far. But I really like the sound of the term.

On a stronger note, the scientific and some paranormal communities say this phenomenon cannot be true. However, I intend to do my best to present evidence to the contrary. From my own personal experiences I have witnessed firsthand how the environment will shape the level of paranormal activity. Just think about the physical environments that you live in day to day. Whatever objects or people surround you will determine your state of mind and the types and amounts of energy that you emanate and  in turn respond.

Manifestations of Energy

Extremely positive energies will rub off on people and make them feel happy. Conversely, strongly negative energies that surround you can lead to malicious conscious and unconscious expressions. Negative people will bring you down and turn you into an angry bird. Sometimes, in very extreme cases, unconscious energy bursts can take the form of objects being thrown around the room by an unseen force. Beds vibrate, televisions/radios turn on and off, or people can even be attacked with scratches and injuries. This is how the boy in The Exorcist was able to do the terrible things he did. We call this energy phenomena poltergeists.

In another light, I'm sure you will notice that there are higher energy levels in the atmosphere when there is a full moon. The joke that the crazies come out is not that far fetched from the truth. The moon is closest to the Earth in this phase and its geological energies can be felt by humans and animals alike. It is no different in the spirit world. There are certain environmental stimuli that will either increase or decrease paranormal activity. Just take for example the use of an EMF pump. By dramatically increasing electromagnetic fields, the pump will provide food for entities to draw from and harvest in much the same manner that they can drain batteries in cameras. For us, the full moon acts very much the way as the EMF pump. Limestone rock can also work in much the same way. Within its composition exists smaller amounts of material, namely quartz. Quartz absorbs electromagnetic energy and can function as the sponge while the limestone can release it away because, as stated earlier, it has the mechanism built within it to do so.

Haunted Objects

In order to better understand the mechanisms behind how limestone rock can absorb and release paranormal energy, I thought it would be pertinent to understand how objects in general are able to perform this phenomenon. John Zaffis is an very well known expert on haunted objects. He has developed not only a popular television series entitled The Haunted Collector, but also has established a museum and has written several books on the subject.

According to his fan website, one of his theories suggest that objects contain residual energy imprints. On a molecular level, any object is able to take on energy or mass and incorporate it into itself through particle exchange. These objects can hold this energy for either short or long periods of time. One very strong type of energy that objects can absorb is emotional - the same energy you can feel after you walk into a room where a heated argument has occurred. The air is thick and feels electrically charged and you can almost feel the static permeating your skin. That's because it is. Objects can absorb energy in the same way with many types of emotions. "Have you ever shopped at a thrift store and backed away from something? Did it just bother you and you didn't know why?" ( Here's another thought for you (click here):

          "Quantum entanglement happens when two particles, such as photons or electrons, interact and become linked. Even when the particles are moved miles apart, the molecules's mechanical states (such as their spin, momentum, and polarization) remain mysteriously coupled. If the state of one entangled particle is changed, its faraway twin will be instantaneously affected. It's a bizarre property Einstein famously called 'spooky action at a distance'." - Popular Mechanics

Concluding Thoughts

The idea that a rock can contain energy that entities can access and utilize has, as of yet, not been able to be scientifically proven. Science and the paranormal still exist as two very different disciplines. I firmly believe we are in a pioneering age with the advent of modern technology. We will, in time, be able to explain many of the phenomena that you see investigators on TV experiencing or that you yourself have experienced as well. I would love to be a part of these discoveries because they give us a better understanding of the universe in which we live and how, literally, everything is tied together.

 I have presented some ideas about limestone and its possible paranormal potential. I hope I have given you something to deeply think about and perhaps expound upon in your own way. I leave you with one final piece of evidence. You have to watch the video all the way until it ends to see the point I would like to make. Thank you SyFy Channel and YouTube for this well-produced video.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pregnancy and the Paranormal: What Can We Learn?

How pregnancies affect the paranormal realm is a subject that has been covered extensively only by a rare few investigators and writers. Most of the information I was able to research acknowledges that women have heightened senses because of the hormonal surges. They "generally will notice a heightened sense of smell, become more observant, and increase their intuition." (Theresa) There are mixed reviews over whether a pregnant mother increases paranormal activity in the home as it is assumed that because a child in the womb has just crossed over from "the other side", they therefore should naturally attract a lot of attention. Some claim that there is no activity in the home or that any previous activity has ceased as a result of the pregnancy. Others, however, have a different story...


     "I am pregnant with my second child. During my first pregnancy I was forever being woken up at 3 a.m. to TVs, radios, and toys, being turned on by themselves. After I had my daughter it all stopped. Now I am pregnant again small things are happening to make me think it is starting again. The other day I got chills on my arm in the shape of fingers and last night right before I fell asleep something flicked my hand."
     "I am currently pregnant and recently started hearing whispering in my ear...."
     "Since I learned I was pregnant, is that I have a constant feeling of being followed and being watched...." (thestir)

Since my wife and I have had some interesting paranormal experiences while she was pregnant with our daughter Hannah, I really wanted to share our story. But first, just because I love to put a twist on writing, I'd like to take the reader on a historical journey. First, there is an interesting account of the life of Mae Nak in Bangkok, Thailand that has a tragic ending. Then, I'll bring the story back to America and share some local experiences with a conclusion about a little girl who still resides in an Alton, Illinois house and what happened there.

Fact or Folklore?

During the reign of King Mongkut, sometime between 1851 and 1868, a woman named "Nak" and her husband "Tid Mak" moved into a house in Bangkok's Phra Khanong district. Shortly afterwards, her husband was summoned off to war with a local clan. Nak was already pregnant with their son and both of them died while she was giving birth. After some very bloody fighting, Maak become gravely wounded and returned home, unaware of his wife and son's passing. At his house he finds Mae Nak and his son and reunites with them to resume their lives together, never realizing that they now are ghosts. People tried to inform Maak of what had happened. "A busybody neighbor tries to warn Mak of Nak's metaphysical transformation but police records show she was burned alive in an unexplained house fire. Mak's own mother-in-law drops by to tell him he's living with the ghost of her dead daughter, but then she drops dead before she can utter the words." (elsiamiam)

One day Maak sees his wife reach for something by extending her arm through the ceiling. This tips him off that the ghost story is true and as a result he devises an escape plan. That night he goes to bed with his dead wife and later gets up to use the bathroom. He then flees her, but she finds out and pursues him. In an attempt to successfully escape her, he covers himself in Blumea balsamifera sap, which is believed to ward off ghosts. Then he runs to a sacred temple grounds for protection. Nak becomes enfuriated and returns to their village, spreading disease and causing violence among its people. An exorcist finally comes to the village to end this charade. There are different accounts of what happened, however, her spirit does become forced into either her own skull or a clay pot that was thrown into the river. To this day people visit her shrine because to many locals, Nak is the Thai Patron Saint of Obsession due to her deep devotion to her husband.

The Journey Back to America

Anyone having even the slightest interest in the paranormal should be familiar with the series Ghosthunters and the respective team members of Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango. Amy Bruni, who joined the Taps team in 2008, brought a steely feminine element to the show and the investigations she hosted. Her obvious chemistry with Adam Berry put an even stronger twist to the show's episodes - but that's another story.... On the September 5th episode, Amy, who is pregnant, walks off an investigation. Her camerawoman who usually follows Amy and Adam around was attacked and received some scratches from an entity. It was at this time that Amy began feeling very uncomfortable "because she was afraid of a spirit attaching to her unborn child." (Examiner) Although there really isn't any proof that this can happen (so far as I have researched), it is certainly a plausible concern. Infants are in a delicate state of balance and an entity can disrupt this homeostasis on a spiritual level. Vulnerability is a powerful tool when placed in the wrong hands and, of course, the innocence of the unborn is the strongest example of such vulnerability. Amy's heightened senses set off her alarms in this investigation and her motherly instinct to protect her child kicked in to its fullest effect.

An Unforgettable Experience in Alton, Illinois

In previous blogs that I have written, I touch on a trip my wife and I made to Alton, Illinois for one of their ghost tours. The Civil War Cemetery was by far our greatest experience with evidence, however, there is another story that has never been told.  Here’s my wife’s experience in her words:

“I was 14 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy seemed to be going along smoothly. Perhaps too smoothly. My prenatal visits had been uneventful and everything seemed fine. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was that at 14 weeks, I was still able to fit into my jeans. Hannah was my 6th baby and never before had I been able to fit into my jeans that long. Looking back, that should have been my first clue that something wasn’t right, but I missed it while reveling in the joy of wearing my regular wardrobe just a little bit longer.

A few days before the Alton trip, I started having a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right and I was having reservations about going on the trip. I didn’t have any physical symptoms and was feeling fine, but I am a very sensitive and introspective person and learned long ago that I can sense things others don’t, so I pay close attention to my feelings. Tim and I talked about it, but I ultimately decided to go since I didn’t have any physical symptoms. I had coordinated this trip and had a huge group of family and friends coming - some as far as the boot heel of Missouri, so I really didn’t want to miss it.

The investigation did not disappoint either. We experienced so much and I have never before or since, had that much activity happen on an investigation. A few days after our Alton investigation I had a doctor’s appointment and received the devastating news that the baby no longer had a heartbeat. It was a complete and utter shock, as I had no physical indication that anything was wrong. My doctor told me after the D & C that by the amount of bloating in the baby, the baby had died over a week ago. That was about the time my nagging feeling had started.

The doctor suggested we do an autopsy to check for chromosomal abnormalities and find out the gender of the baby to give us some closure. The results came back and our baby girl, named Hannah Faith, had Trisomy 13 which caused the miscarriage. Tim and I have talked about it many times since then and wondered if Hannah was the reason for the immense amount of paranormal activity that night.

Could the spirits sense that she was deceased and were drawn to me? Was Hannah’s spirit still close to me and it got the other spirits attention? Did the spirits know what I didn’t and they were trying to tell me? Or maybe were they trying to comfort me, knowing that one of the harshest realities in life was about to sucker punch me right between the eyes? The only thing I can say with certainty is I have never had such an overwhelming paranormal experience before or after that night in Alton. A part of me would like to think that it was because of Hannah - that I got a very brief, but tangible experience with her.

Miscarriage is such a unique grief; the pain is so real and deep, yet you are grieving for a person you never even got to meet. There are no wonderful memories to reminisce on or photo albums to look through when your heart is breaking. It’s just this horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach while people say stupid but well intentioned things like ‘it was probably for the best since she was sick’ or ‘you will get pregnant again.’ Hannah’s brief life deeply impacted our family and my feeling is, that night in October of 2008, she made an imprint on the spirit world in Alton as well.”

The Alton Home

On our tour, as related above, we stopped at one of the homes in town that was said to be haunted by the presence of a little girl. Much of the house did not reveal any activity except for two rooms. The first one, her bedroom, proved to be quite active. Upon entering the room we could feel a playful presence on and around the bed. After using the dowsing rods, each one of us was able to experience some activity, however, for some reason, my wife drew the most attention. The rods would go crazy in her hands.

Heading downstairs, we entered into the kitchen where the owners had set up a pendulum on the dining room table. The little girl was reported to like making the pendulum swing by pushing it. On most nights she did so, but not always. Tonight proved to be a very active night for this activity as well. The pendulum swung constantly and with a force the owners said they don't normally see. Again we wondered, how much of her constant presence was due to my wife's pregnancy? It is as though spirits on the other side are able to see the presence of unborn children in the womb. Physically it was not yet obvious that she was carrying a child, yet the little girl seemed to know. The rest of our investigation in Alton proved to be just as active and her pregnancy may also have been the contributing factor for our great success in the Civil War Cemetery.

So, the questions surface. Was the little girl trying to communicate with my wife that she was carrying a dead child inside her? How much of this information was known by the Civil War soldier who led us through the gravestones, finally revealing himself in the form of ectoplasm? Can it be said that unborn babies are that bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds and, can we ever learn anything about that invisible barrier through this "bridge"?

Some Concluding Thoughts

The story of Mae Nak certainly must have a good amount of folklore woven into the story. There are some facts to be found, though. The mother and child did die together which will certainly create unrest with their souls. There were also police reports to verify the house fire and the death of the mother-in-law. How true it is that they were able to manifest themselves in near physical form, enough to fool Maak, is, of course, under speculation. Could the fact that she was pregnant been enough to give her the ability to not only appear in physical form but also to have been able to create chaos and illnesses in their village? Spirits have the ability to harness energy, but what are the limitations?

Amy Bruni, I am sure, went through the same thought processes that my wife and I did about investigating while pregnant. It certainly seems true that there is more paranormal activity when an unborn child is around. Amy's concerns about a spirit "attaching" itself to her baby is absolutely a issue to take very seriously. Entities in the spirit world have knowledge and powers we do not yet understand. I look forward to the day when all of our pioneering paranormal investigating pays off with some scientific answers.

                                                      In Loving Memory of Hannah Faith Yohe

                             "May the angels take you upon their wings and lead you into paradise..."

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