Monday, January 20, 2014

Follow Up to The Molly Stark Hospital Article

Recently I was given the opportunity to be a guest writer on horror fiction writer and blogger Brian Moreland's site. I had never written for anyone before, so this was an exciting new experience. By chance, in a passing comment, he had asked if I would be interested in writing about the asylum I had referred to when commenting on his article about the Trans-Allegheny Asylum in Weston, West Virginia. I agreed immediately and interestingly enough, Molly Stark has opened up several doors for me in my aspiring writing career. If you are interested in reading the article, the link is

In the summer of 2010 this investigation took place and it really has stirred up some conversation about its history and the many stories of the paranormal activity which is quite prevalent there. Most residents of the Nimishillen Township area in Ohio are familiar with the rumored apparitions, orbs of light, and voices which have been seen and/or heard since its closing in 1995. Our investigation reinforced and confirmed most of these rumors. Now the legend of Molly Stark Sanatorium has taken a new turn in my life. I just found out through my aunt that back in the 1930's, my great great aunt and her son died there. My great great uncle also was confined at Molly Stark as well. In light of this new information, I have decided to write a follow up blog revealing how Molly Stark has impacted my family and I would like to further expound upon the paranormal activity there as well.

I would like to offer my deepest thanks to Brian Moreland for the guest writer opportunity and I encourage everyone to check out his four books available at and his new book coming out this summer! You won't be disappointed! 

I have quite a few ideas in the works for future posts on this site. To give you a glimpse...The Union House in Missouri....Personal haunting experiences on the Katy Trail...and perhaps another surprise investigation in Ohio over this summer. Stay tuned....


  1. Tim,
    I ran across your posting on Brian's site, and I found your post to be riveting. I reviewed your photos and was stunned when I saw the orbs. So stunned because I was recently there and took photos and nothing really crossed my mind about them just loved the structure of the building. Its gorgeous. About a week after I got my digitals developed just to see if maybe I saw anything. As I looked through them. I was disappointed until I came across one only one picture. I took this picture of the same arch ways where the orbs you were talking about were. But they were prevalent. Very prevalent. I had a brand new camera only a day old that I used. I had it set to take multiples at a time of the same shot. The photo before and after the one with the orb show nothing. They weren't even a second apart. If youd like to see Id gladly email a copy of it. Maybe you could shed some light. I have to say while the building is old and falling apart now, I did feel a warm inviting feeling being there. Have you been in the underground tunnels to the other building? My email is if you would like to discuss this more.

    1. Thank you for sharing this awesome experience Gennifer! Not sure if you got my email, but I would love to take a look at your photos! That is hugely fascinating that you caught all those orbs in that balcony area. I do hope to revisit Molly Stark in July, and so now I'm overly interested in researching this particular area. I hope as well to possibly capture some EVP action from my deceased relatives. Please send the pics, we'll certainly discuss them. Thanks again for your refreshing enthusiasm! :)