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The Union Extreme Hauntings: Part 1 - The Harold House

In Steven LaChance's book, The Uninvited, he tells the story of all the horribly evil and scary things that happened to his family and the family who lived in the house after he moved out. In the beginning, moving into the house was a relief for him and his children, as they had just lost their mother/wife and were looking to try to get back to normal life. It didn't take long for the entities within the home to disrupt those aspirations. In this series of blogs I will isolate each of the hauntings written in Steve's book by category, explain them in the context of the Union house, and then present them subjectively from personal experiences. The events that occurred at "The Screaming House" are rare in paranormal circles, however, I hope to educate or enlighten those of us who know there is a potentially dangerous parallel world and perhaps persuade the skeptics to believe otherwise through the proof of these real-life experiences.


Many people are familiar with poltergeist activities from movies that have been produced such as Poltergeist. Hollywood tends to overdramatize these types of activities solely to keep audience attention. In Steve's story and in my own stories, we hope to present these manifestations in their true forms. Most poltergeist activity will derive from entities attempting to draw attention to themselves by either moving or destroying objects. The most famous poltergeist in history happened in perhaps the most haunted place in the world, the Borley Rectory in Essex, Great Britain. Our story cannot compare to the level of activity at Borley, however, if you are interested, here's the link:

Very shortly after Steve and his family moved into the house, one of his children "decided that a large picture of two angels should be hung in the living room, where it would complement the cherub wallpaper border that surrounded the room." Each of three times he attempted to nail it to the wall and each time it was immediately knocked to the floor. Before it fell the third time he "felt a rush of air and something hit the back of [his] ankles." (The Uninvited, 50) The entity in the house obviously did not want such a religious picture to be hung on the wall, and it is interesting to note that somehow this person was able to harvest up enough energy to not only create wind but also be able to manifest itself enough to clip Steve's ankle. I do not believe that we fully understand how entities are able to use and transform energy at will, although technology is quickly moving in this direction to give us an explanation..

These types of hauntings are rather common and can also entail objects being moved within a room, items being knocked over and broken; or, in the case of the Harold house in Woodson Terrace, Missouri - a mirror was snapped into 3 perfect pieces. This house, situated in western St. Louis County, has a story far more unnerving than simple property distruction. 

Photo shown is not actual house, courtesy Photobucket
Activity at the Harold House

My wife moved into this house with her boyfriend at the time in December 1992. Their residency was in the basement, which looked to be a semi-finished separate apartment that had a small kitchen with an attached laundry room. The house was built post-World War II, as the village of Woodson Terrace itself was incorporated in 1946 and then became a city in 1954. There appear as of yet no records of who or what may have occurred on this property prior to 1946, so it is only speculation as to whom the entities are that still inhabit the home on Harold Drive.

The activity within the basement was centered in the laundry room and a room underneath and behind the basement steps which yielded no light whatsoever. The light in the laundry room was left on 24/7 because everyone in the house was too afraid to enter this room while it was dark and pull the cord. Something in the room felt like a threat and the fight or flight impulse took over immediately. As my wife will attest, whenever someone would be washing clothes, something would peer out from behind a support beam just a few feet away. My wife is very sensitive to paranormal activity and could feel this entity watching her. She also has a gift that causes her to experience physical symptoms telling her when someone close to her is about to die. I have experienced her breakdown firsthand, it is truly mind boggling. These special gifts were very useful for her in dealing with what has now been ascertained as a very negative spirit male and a playful little boy.

The poltergeist activity began to manifest itself throughout the time her boyfriend was living upstairs and also after they moved in downstairs, up until they moved out in May 1993. He reports the lid of an old metal teapot used on the stove was seen flip, flip, flipping up and down by itself one morning. While he was sleeping on the couch, a little boy approached him and woke him up. He remembers the boy smiling and then laughing as the boy ran down into the basement. My wife had her share of experiences. While reading on her bed at night something would watch her from the dark room under the stairs, peering out at her through the broken paneling that formed the left wall. While talking on the phone one night, the weighted door to her right leading into a bedroom and the subsequent laundry room suddenly opened by itself and then closed, allowing someone unseen to enter her room. Immediately she hung up and ran up the steps. All efforts to debunk how this door could have been opened were exhausted, leaving her convinced an entity had passed through the doorway. Little did she know then how true that was.

The Activity Increases

Throughout the time they lived in the basement objects were constantly being moved around to different places. There also was at least one time when the television came on by itself. Disturbed by what was happening, my wife began reading some books on poltergeist activity and what to do about it. She learned that if someone very firmly tells the entity to stop, then they will. Sometime shortly after Christmas my wife came home to find a mirror with a porcelain face on it snapped in three perfect pieces laying on their waterbed. There was no way this mirror could have fallen and broken, it was deliberately done by an unseen force. At this point she yelled into the basement and told whomever that they were not allowed to break or even touch anything she owns. The activity stopped after that.

The scariest activity occurred one night when she and her boyfriend were sitting in bed together in the dark room. The only light came from laundry room bulb in the adjacent room. The aforementioned door opened right before their eyes and a dark figure came through the doorway. It moved very fast toward their bed and they screamed in terror. Her boyfriend flung his head back to try and escape from being attacked by this entity. As a result he accidentally smashed his head into my wife's nose and it bled instantly. The figure quickly disappeared as they turned their attention to cleaning up the bloody mess.

The final incidents worth mentioning at the Harold house involve the pregnancy of my wife at that time. She was carrying her first child and noticed that every time she would enter the Harold house she would violently throw up with morning sickness. This did not happen anywhere else. It became so commonplace that the members of the household would know that when she got home, no one had better be in the bathroom. She even kept a trash can by her bed. She thought perhaps smoking or some other trigger may have caused the illness, however, anything she experienced in the Harold house she experienced in other places. Could this be just coincidence? I don't believe so. I think the negative energy from the male entity spawned her physical symptoms perhaps in a similar way to her ability to detect when someone close to her is about to die. In fact, at some point in the future, I intend to write another post on how paranormal activity can affect and be affected by pregnancies. My wife and I had a very interesting experience in Alton, Illinois when she was pregnant with our daughter in 2008. I'll retell that story later.

Final Thoughts

The Harold house in Woodson Terrace harbors a very nasty entity that loved to get attention. He would do things in the home in an effort to make sure his presence was known. We are not certain how active the house is today. The events that were just retold occurred 20 years ago. But it doesn't really matter how much time may have elapsed. Once you've experienced poltergeist activity - you never forget it!

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