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The Union Extreme Hauntings: Part 2 - Vortexes

Those of us who believe in the paranormal understand that there is a nearly invisible world existing right before our eyes. We are only able to experience this other dimension in small parts because there is a veil or wall between the physical and the spiritual worlds. At times entities on the other side are able to communicate with us through voices, physical manifestations, and by moving or disturbing physical objects. How these energies manifest themselves is still a mystery. But there is a religion that has been in existence for nearly 6,000 years which might help us to understand this veil between the two worlds. Voodoo is "one of the world's oldest ancestral, nature-honoring traditions" which has its roots going back to Benin, West Africa. The practice of this religion involves allowing the spirits, or Loa to manifest themselves within individuals and use their energies. During their rituals "the hougan or mambo - the priest or priestess- sacrifices a sanctified chicken or other animal to the Loa." In doing so, the veil between the two worlds is lowered to allow the passage of spirits, thus opening a vortex or portal. (National Geographic)

In the context of the Union House, the slaves utilized the powers of the Loa to protect their members from the wrath of their slave owner John T. Crowe or perhaps to call upon the spirits for retribution. The many rituals performed on this property opened up at least one vortex which remains open today. How do we know this? There is an EVP recording on Steve's website where you can distinctly hear the watery sounds of several entities talking and participating in some sort of ritual which was captured in the back yard. Also, there are photographs revealing what looks like a fiery doorway in the alley behind the house. ( The exact details of how the vortex was opened or why it still remains open is up to speculation. Regardless, negative entities have used this passage to travel from their world to ours and continuously wreak havoc on the property.

During Steven's time of living in the Union House his family experienced some of these entities firsthand as did the family who moved in after he left. Several of these spirits visited him in his dreams and one in particular would roam the house. This dark figure was very aggressive with banging on floors, slamming and locking doors, or just simply walking up to members of the household. It is perhaps this same entity which had been seen in the butcher shower in the basement trying to scrub off the black mud on his body but never with any success. The family who lived in the house after he did lived out an even more horrible story. The woman of the house experienced a dark hooded figure who would come into her bedroom and rape her while she slept. A yellow-eyed demon wolf was his companion.

The basement serves as a third vortex with the second one in the front yard. It is believed to have been opened by a paranormal investigator. After asking permission from the homeowner, she proceeded to draw out a salt pentagram on the basement floor. Next she slit her wrist and the wrist of a neighbor boy and let the blood drip into the pentagram. Anyone familiar with black magic will understand that this combination will open a dark vortex. The property was already deeply haunted from potentially 200 years of negative activity and this ceremony simply made matters much worse.

This brings me to my final point about portals or vortexes. They are extremely dangerous not only for the fact they break down the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds, but especially because these are coveted gateways for negative spirits to traverse into our world. Evil is very real and takes lives without regard. These confrontations can happen not just in the physical world but also in the spiritual plane as well. Ultimately, the safety of your soul is at stake.

Although most of us may never experience the power of a vortex, we may be familiar with Ouija boards. The huge concern with the Ouija is that people view it as an innocent board game having no negative consequences tied to it. This belief is completely false. Once two people (sometimes even one) have placed their hands on the Ouija triangle which has been placed on the starting point, the portal has just been opened. Spirits or entities have no power over you unless they are invited into your home or wherever you may be at the time. Once a spirit has channeled through you, the door is now open and any entity now has full rights to your domain. Now, it is true that at the end of your Ouija session you are to command the spirit to return to the starting point, thus closing the portal. However, there are some entities who are much stronger than others and can circumvent this closing of a doorway. Let's not mention what may have slipped through while you were channeling grandma. I have used these boards more than once and have even discovered that they can be created simply with pen and paper. How unbelievable it is to watch an unseen entity write his or her name and then draw pictures with the pen in your hand!

Be careful and don't be naive when dealing with Ouija boards. They can be just as dangerous as voodoo or black magic and should be used with great caution, if at all. So, beware... you may get yourself unexpectedly tangled up in something just as dark and malevolent as the families who lived in the Union House!

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