Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Molly Stark Hospital: Revisited

     I recently had the opportunity to revisit Molly Stark Hospital while spending time with my family in Ohio. I really hadn't officially decided to make another visit, however, my teenage nephew was very excited to do so. It would seem that our first experience together here 3 years ago has really made an impact on him. He and his friends regularly meet on these grounds to walk around and, yes, perhaps break the trespassing law by trying to get inside the buildings. All of us adults work hard to discourage this activity, but, as most of us know...kids will be kids. So...we did another investigation, and here's how it went.

Breaking Some New Ground

On our last investigation we focused entirely on the huge hospital itself. It did give us some amazing activity, however, this time we decided to start with the smaller asylum you see pictured above.
The architecture on this building is just as ornate as the hospital and it is just as creepy. As we walked around its perimeter, you could feel eyes watching  from somewhere within this boarded up building. This time around I brought a digital voice recorder which I kept running, every now and then sticking it close to an opening or in through a broken window. After holding it in the window on the backside of the building and later reviewing the evidence, we think we can hear a female voice saying a couple of sentences. It is difficult to ascertain what the exact words are because our device is a bit crude and is made more for capturing lectures given by professors. It does, however, made a significant contribution to the activity that is prevalent on this site.

The second floor window pictured here serves as a great spot for an entity to peer out of at an onlooker and then disappear behind the frame so as not to be seen. It was hard to see if there was any movement because it was so dark and there wasn't any light we could use as a contrast.

The Hospital: Revisited

After finishing our investigation of the asylum, we ventured over to the hospital just to see if by chance we could capture any of the activity like the last time we were here. Just around the corner we encountered this warning graffitied on the wooden door. Indeed, every effort was being made to keep people out of Molly Stark, not only because it is a crumbling danger zone, but it is also full of asbestos. A park ranger now continuously walks around the premises and, at one point, he approached us and began making small talk just to see if we were up to anything we shouldn't be. We have that conversation recorded on the DVR. He is now submitted evidence. :)

While walking around the perimeter we took several photos of the balconies, windows, and doorways where we had captured orbs before. This time around we didn't catch anything. But, when the park ranger wasn't in our immediate vicinity, we did pull back a couple of the plywood boards and do some quick shots. Here we did capture a couple things we are not sure how to debunk, if they can be debunked at all.

In this photo, off to the right and in the center, you can see a white ball of light. We took several pictures of this room without a flash and each picture revealed this phenomenon except for one. Can we call it an orb? We're not really sure.

These two photos were our greatest capture on this investigation. If you look at the picture on the left, you'll see a room with a doorway leading out of the shower. From a paranormal viewpoint, there isn't anything to see. However, if you look at the picture above of the exact same room, you'll notice some white streaks in the room. At first thought one might suggest these are simply reflections from the window shining back. The problem is, there wasn't a window here.
What really caught our attention was the green mist that can be seen in the middle of the doorway. When we look at the actual photo, this mist is very clear. Many times when we do see a mist like this, it tends to be a form of ectoplasm, however, the green color has us scratching our heads. Was an entity trying to manifest itself for us?

Concluding Thoughts

Once again Molly Stark has proven itself to be a very active site. In our brief amount of time here, we were able to capture more evidence that simply puts the nail in the coffin that this place is haunted. We do not believe there are any malevolent entities on the grounds, just maybe some of them are a bit scary because, face it, many of the patients were psychologically crazy. I do wonder if my great great aunt and her son still walk in and throughout the Molly Stark territory. I would like to think that their souls are content and that they are happy to be a part of what soon will be Molly Stark Park. Perhaps as well the beauty of a new landscape will allow all of the souls here to rest in peace.