Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Update: Paranormal Schoolhouses

Milton School in Alton, Illinois

I had hoped to be able to publish an article this month about all of the paranormal activity that has gone on in my house for many years. We have had a lot of experiences that have left us wondering and a bit scared at times:

  • Multiple voices heard either individually throughout the house or in muffled groups primarily in our basement.
  • Shadow people of all sizes appear and disappear periodically.
  • The dining room ceiling fan turns off  and the lights flicker, many times turning off.
  • Mild and sometimes rather chaotic forms of oppression can hit the household and then leave just as quickly.
  • Children and an adult have seen an ogre-like creature in their room.
  • Consistent banging, knocking or the sound of objects dropping in the house, mostly in the basement
There is other activity that has gone on in our little haunted house, but I'm having trouble finding the photo and video evidence. So...I've decided to wait until later to write this article.

Instead....I will be publishing a special article on haunted school houses right in time for the celebration of Halloween.

I hope it will make you think twice about your kids' schools. Mu ha ha ha ha ha....!!

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