Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Investigating the Veil Between Our Worlds

Molly Stark Hospital

Last month I was offered another opportunity to write an article for horror fiction author Brian Moreland. Brian has written four books entitled Dead of Winter, Shadows in the Mist, The Witching House, The Devil's Woods and a short story The Girl From the Blood Coven. His talents go far beyond just writing, as he is a writing coach, editor, book designer, and much more. To see his full bio, please check him out at Dark Lucidity or view his professional endeavors on LinkedIn.

What to Write About?

Although I do have my own sites that I try hard to publish quality material, I really want to offer something special to those I have an opportunity to guest write. After combing through my repertoire of ideas I finally settled on the very mysterious phenomenon of the veil that separates the physical and spiritual worlds.

The focus of the article is primarily on cemeteries since they house the millions of people who have traversed this barrier. Some of them do cross back over to give us the familiar hauntings we see on television, hear about through social media, or experience ourselves.

The geography covers three states - Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio. It really doesn't matter where you are in the world, there is always consistency in the level of activity. However, how this veil is broken down can be very different from location to location.

The Realities of the Spirit Realm

The veil between our two worlds is thin, very thin. Fortunately, though, it is strong enough to hold back most harmful entities. As a child you may have envisioned or have heard other people experiencing the kinds of visitations that might look much like the photo.

When I was a kid I held the greatest fear of looking out my bedroom window because I swore there was a clown-like monster who kept peeking his head around the corner of the window.

I also heard scratching noises under my bed on the wooden rail slots that kept me awake at night. I never allowed even the tiniest inch of my body to hang over the bedside for fear something was going to grab me.

All of this was very real to me and could perhaps be attributed to some kind of childhood nightmares.

The stories you will read on Brian's blog are not nightmares or some childhood delusions. They are very real and can be supported with good evidence.

I invite you to stop by his site and check out the article entitled  Ectoplasm, Unseen Entites, and Gatekeepers in Haunted Cemeteries. He just posted another interesting story full of very unusual incidents that happened to a family in Connecticut. In this house there are 8 entities with 3 of them exhibiting very malevolent acts.

Next month on The Paranormal Blog, I will be publishing an article of my own little haunted house. Our house has a very interesting and active past that I would like to share with you. I think you'll enjoy it. Thank you for your reading support and tell a friend! ;)