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Distressed Hauntings in the Detroit Area

Henry Ford Hospital courtesy of
"...the people living in the Great Lakes region are confused by their place on the country's edge - an edge that is border but not coast. They seem to be able to live a long time believing, as coastal people do, that they are at the frontier where final exit and total escape are the only journeys left." -Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon 

Preliminary Discoveries

Researching the Detroit area has been an interesting experience. To date, I have not yet found a geographical plot that has more reported hauntings in such a small area. I certainly attribute some of this activity to be the result of the presence of limestone and the immense amount of waterways in and around this Great Lakes location. The paranormal reports are extensive and surface in many of the major cities like Detroit, Bay City, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, and Traverse City. Even the famed Zilwaukee makes it onto the list with its interesting story:

          The owners of a local sawmill, Daniel and Solomon Johnson, had devised this aberration of the name with the hopes that German immigrants would confuse it with Milwaukee and settle in their town.

Michigan is peppered with these types of intriguing legends that give the area its rich history. Woven into its heritage is a slew of paranormal activity that for the most part is only briefly mentioned. Usually when I research an area it has extensive material that can be accessed and utilized to make some unusual connections. Detroit has been a challenge in these regards because there has not been extensive coverage of Detroit's claims - many paranormal sites are just quickly mentioned for their activity. 
Huffington Post

Places like Fort Wayne Prison; however, have been repeatedly covered by many different sources. They even have established haunted tours on its grounds for visitors to enjoy. I, on the other hand, am always searching to find the more obscure aspects of the paranormal. This endeavor would be particularly true as well with the Motor City's hauntings.

The Effects of Distress

When many people think about Detroit today, they think about the huge economic downturn that has happened to the city and how it has become America's first "ghost town." The city is in distress, as most cities are to a degree, and I am certain the residents and politicians are working hard to change that. And so the question might be asked - in what ways could some of the paranormal locations in the area be a result of "distress." For the sake of this article, I am defining "distress" as being overwhelming circumstances that have the potential to create some sort of intelligent or residual haunting. Could distress also be an explanation for the immense paranormal activity in the Motor City area?

The Henry Ford Hospital

I have chosen to focus on two hospitals in particular because they fall in line with the current fiction book that I am writing and researching - tentatively entitled Death by Sanatorium

The Henry Ford medical facility was opened in October 1915 by the named Henry Ford and quickly became the leading facility in its area with a focus on "its threefold commitment to patient care, research, and medical education built on traditions that came with the original staff from Johns Hopkins [in Baltimore, Maryland]." This commitment created a great reputation for the hospital that remains with it still today.

"In 1925, a 300 room Nurses Home named for Clara Ford was opened to house students of the newly formed Henry Ford Hospital School of Nursing." This school followed the high standards that had already been established and the graduates who came from here were known as the "'Ford grads' [and] were easily recognized by their unique caps as well as for their skillful care of patients." (

Flickr - Porsche Brosseau
Any student who would have attended this school would have been under intense pressure to do well and get good grades. This is where the paranormal story begins. The distress of academic performance drove one girl to jump from the top of the building to her death one year after its opening in 1926. It would seem that the intensity of failing grades was far too overwhelming and so taking her life appeared to be the only solution in her overwhelmed mind.

This kind of psychic distress would have left its imprint not only in the room where she lived, but it also will have left traces of itself on the roof and the spot on the stone walkway where her body hit in the courtyard below. As a result, it is reported that the door on this roof will not shut on the anniversary of her suicide. Although I have not found any reports of apparitions, it would not surprise me if her spirit doesn't still roam the grounds as a residual haunting. But then again, maybe the distress of the place would have caused her spirit to flee the campus, running away from the horrible pressures of academia.

There is another location in this Clara Ford school that holds my particular attention and this is a boardroom that reportedly has strong, constant cold spots in it. There is also the intense feeling of dread and the foul smell of decay. Cold spots naturally will predict the presence of one or more spirits, as they pull energy from the atmosphere to either manifest or communicate. The feelings of dread will more than likely come from high electromagnetic fields in the room and could be from the building's wiring. 

The foul smell, on the other hand, is concerning. Generally this will only happen when an strong evil presence is in the room, as it is only the demons and entities further up in the hierarchy that can emanate such putrid stenches. This is not to say this is the case here, it is merely conjecture, as I have not had the opportunity to investigate this location. It could be septic gases or the deterioration of organic material nearby. But perhaps the presence of negative entities might have influenced residents to do things they normally would not consider. Thus the student suicide. I would be curious of any thoughts from those of you who do live in this area. 

Eloise Asylum

Asylums and tuberculosis hospitals continue to hold a great fascination for me. They tend to be places where uncertainty about a patient's health would have combined many times with harsh conditions. If anything in the world could cause distress for a spirit, it would certainly be in one of these facilities. 

I have done some extensive research and investigating into the Molly Stark Hospital in Ohio, finding some of the same results that have been found at the Eloise Asylum in Westland, Michigan. To give you an idea of what to expect from Eloise, I have embedded this video by IPRA. (Note: I do not condone the language, but the content they capture is pretty good.)

As you would have heard from the video there is the presence of seven spirits in the room where they are. I had a similar experience in Molly Stark's basement where I could feel the presence of multiple spirits watching me from a stairwell. These spirits are in great distress and looking for help anywhere they can find it, torn from their families and uncertain as to what has even happened to them. It has been documented that some folks were locked up in these types of facilities because "back in the early 20th century diseases such as TB [tuberculosis] were highly unresearched and caused the affected people to behave in such a way they were thought to be insane." (

1911 photo Eloise Insane Asylum and Poorhouse - Don Harrison, Upnorth Memories
There is a great amount of mystery behind this asylum. Most of the medical records have been destroyed and it was first known as the Wayne County Poorhouse. From reading historical accounts, poorhouses themselves tended to be places where the desperate lived in harsh conditions, many dying from diseases and being buried in quick, local graves. The Union House in Missouri has a documented poorhouse very close to its location and there is speculation that it is somehow tied to the intense demonic activity in that house. This is not to suggest that there is demonic activity in the Eloise Asylum because there is no evidence to say so, but my point is that these safe harbors may be directly correlated with intense paranormal activity. In the case of the Eloise Asylum it may have laid a foundation for more activity to build upon.

"Workers and trespasses report hearing voices, and rumors of former patients walking the halls have been accounted. The playground built for worker's children and the cemetery that holds over 7,000 patients are considered to be the most haunted areas of all, with many incidents of growls and moans being reported." (

Concluding Thoughts

Any location that has suffered a degree of "distress" will have some sort of haunting tied to it. Intense psychic and electromagnetic energies do become absorbed into the buildings and objects surrounding the experience. This energy can diffuse into the atmosphere many decades after the traumatic event has ended. With intelligent hauntings, spirits can tap into the stored energy and manifest it for their own purposes, good or evil. 

Detroit Masonic Temple courtesy Boston Public Library
With residual hauntings events can play over and over again because they have left an imprint on the environment. A good example of this would be the apparition seen climbing the steps inside Detroit's Masonic Temple. There are claims that it is George Mason, the owners builder, who committed suicide after his wife left him. Some say this is not true, but regardless, a residual haunting is still reported on the grounds, seen by security guards. 

Detroit's geological composition makes it prime stomping ground for spirits to harvest energy - there's a buffet of food available. Add into this concoction a deep and rich history filled with moments of great "distress" and you have the recipe for some very convincing paranormal activity. 

What we ultimately learn from this area is certainly up for speculation, but I myself see great potential for discovering some answers to help...
                  "lower the spiritual veil so that we may better understand what lies on the other side."

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The Art of Cooking and the Paranormal

Flickr - hildgrim
A Merry Christmas Gift to You

Welcome to the holiday post of Paranormal Insights! Before we delve into an article I hope you will find as fascinating as I have, I wanted to bring you a free gift for Christmas and thank you for taking the time and interest to visit this site. For a short time period, December 3rd - 7th (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), I would like to offer you a free digital copy of my new book Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties. You can claim yours here.

As a connoisseur of the paranormal or as a newbie to the field, I would love for you to peruse its pages and read some of its innovative proposals. Feel free to comment back on this website or any of the other social media outlets where you find this article or me. And, again, I deeply appreciate you and your thoughts! Have a Merry Haunted Holiday Season!!

Say What...?

You're probably wondering - what in the world would the art of cooking have to do with the paranormal? Well, I'll tell you a little story....

I came to this moment of epiphany while working in the university kitchen I have been a part of for a couple of years. My passion for food comes close to running as deeply as my passion for the paranormal. As a 20-year veteran of this industry, I have worked with nearly every ingredient you can imagine. I have also been a paranormal enthusiast for almost that long. So I was a little surprised that I had not made this connection earlier. 

My co-worker had borrowed my chef's knife without asking me while I was in the cooler. When I returned to my station, I needed to open a few packages of diced Roma tomatoes. When I saw he had my knife in hand I told him, "Oh yeah, it's cool, you can use my knife." (in a sarcastic tone) I then went to retrieve another one from the rack.

He looked up at me with a twisted face and said, "Really, you need a knife to open that??" (with just as much sarcasm) He then proceeded to smash his hand through the plastic packaging, exposing the tomatoes. I looked at him and said, "You should have used a knife to open that. Now those tomatoes have absorbed your anger." And that's when the moment of epiphany hit me.

Object Absorption of Energies

When I first started writing about the subject of objects absorbing electromagnetic and psychic energies, I thought of the phenomenon as being strictly limited to haunted objects or being attributed in some way to limestone and its impact on ghosts, nothing more. The further I study this fascinating anomaly, though, the more I am realizing that this activity has a profound effect on many of the things we come in contact with on a daily basis.

One of the most amazing events I have come across in my research is how frequently folks who go on ghost tours are able to ascertain the exact locations of where tragic events have occurred. Allow me to give you an example for clarity: 
     In the 1st Unitarian Church in Alton, Illinois, a minister had hung himself in the doorway leading to the dining room. When ghost tours are given, the guides do not immediately reveal where this suicide/murder had happened. They find that their guests have a tendency to gravitate to the actual spot on their own, as they say it has a foreboding feel to the atmosphere. Somehow people in general can psychically sense these energies, although they may not really realize how this is possible.

To a certain degree we all have a "psychic gift" and in time I believe we will come to fully realize this inherent human trait. Some of us call it "trusting your instincts" or perhaps "following your intuition." Both of these statements address this same "gift", but I believe our ability goes far deeper than we realize. 

I also believe that we do not fully understand how much impact both our actions and thoughts have on our environment. We possess an intangible power to release energy into our surroundings, and, just like limestone, the objects around us absorb our positive or negative vibrations. Our decisions leave behind residual footprints.

Flickr - Neil Kremer
The Revealing Moment

One instance, in particular (and here is the epiphany moment I mentioned earlier), happens with people you know in your family or those in life closest to you. Although every family is different, I would like to share an age-old custom that I think we all can relate to on a personal level.

Ever notice that your mother's or grandmother's cooking is so much better than your own?

Every time that you go to her house and eat her food, it tastes amazing. You may even be so impressed with a dish that you'll ask her for the recipe, which she gives to you. At home, you try and replicate what she did, but the end result is not the same. You could even use her same techniques and secrets, but it isn't as good. 
                                         How does she do it?

Dying to know, you call her up and ask. She says that her food is filled with motherly love, and that's why it tastes better. You might laugh and say,

             "C'mon, mom, there has to be more to it than that." The reality is - she is giving you the accurate answer.

As your mother or grandmother works with the ingredients, mentally she is envisioning how happy her guests will be to eat her dishes. Her literal, loving, concentrated thoughts absorb into the food and become incorporated into their molecular structure. All matter, whether living or dead, has the ability to hold energy, and so grandma's psychic energy simply becomes a part of the food's atomic structure.

Once you eat her food, that same emotional energy is released into your body and bloodstream. You are able to physically feel grandma's psychic love. It may sound a little crazy, but it does follow logical sense regarding the natural laws of energy absorption and release. The First Law of Thermodynamics will help further support this reasoning because it states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be altered or transferred. 

There are other possible explanations that support the Art of Cooking and the Paranormal like the Air Freshener Theory and several key concepts in quantum physics. You can find them in detail inside my new book. Your free digital copy awaits here.

Thank you so much for your time and interest and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Haunted Detroit: Ghosts of the Motor City

Flickr - Ray Dumas, Michigan Central Train Station
Rise and Fall of a Civilization

Every haunted location has its own unique story to tell. Detroit was a booming industrial city back in its day, but since automobile production and other industries have gone overseas, the city has slowly fallen into ruins. This has made this location, off the shores of Lake St. Claire, a literal "ghost town." Here the spirits of the past loiter in the streets and in buildings in search of interaction wherever they may find it. When an area this large becomes so little inhabited, it gives free-reign to whatever entities may be living there - both good and bad.

This city is a dynamo for paranormal activity because its natural surroundings foster and fuel spirit energies. To the east is the very large Lake St. Claire and to the south runs the expansive Detroit River. These waterways in and of themselves can generate paranormal energies because they make a great conduit for transmission. If you have ever wondered how water can bolster energy transfer, try this experiment at home:

Before you jump into the shower (a bath does not work as well), turn on your Android or iPhone to a music station you enjoy. I personally am a fan of Pandora, but you can choose Spotify, Soundcloud, or whatever is your beat of choice. Set the volume to the level you want to listen, and then jump in the shower. This experiment works best if you take a hot shower. Lather up, rinse off, and then get out. 

When you pull back the curtain you should notice that the music is louder than when you got into the shower. That is because water acts as a medium to push sound waves along faster than in drier air. The same concept works with paranormal energies. Spirits who wish to communicate in some way with the physical world are in a constant search for the energy and the means to do so. In this search they realize that water can act as an electrical conduit for energy transfer and manifestation. 

Taken a bit further - have you ever had the opportunity to hear a spirit voice speaking directly across the spiritual veil? The voice sounds as if it is passing through water. Hmmm.... 

Legends in the Motor City

Detroit has plenty of water to fuel activity and it also has a rich history peppered with a plethora of legends. In this beautifully documented video below, produced by independent Chicago filmmaker Derek Quint (Addovolt Productions), you will learn about Detroit's past and the multiple spirit hauntings that are scattered all throughout the city. Derek will introduce you to many of the legends tied to the area that serve as the foundation for these hauntings. 

How Does Geology Fit In?


If we take a look at the Detroit area from a geological perspective, we find that the area sits in a natural basin. This basin was formed from a series glacial movements and sediments that originate from the Great Lakes within its borders and the movement of ice millions of years ago. The rock formations found in the Detroit area, above ground and subsurface, were hydrogeologically formed by a sequence of sedimentary material that was deposited from the ebb and flow of local waters and natural phenomenon. Detroit is located on this map right by the "Dev'n" notation.

The Michigan Basin is typically known for three types of chemical sedimentary rocks - salt, dolomite, and limestone. To better give you an idea of these rock compositions, I thought I would allow to explain:

"Rock Salt is a chemical sedimentary rock that forms from the evaporation of ocean or saline lake waters. It is also known by the mineral name "halite". It is rarely found at Earth's surface, except in areas of very arid climate. It is often mined for use in the chemical industry or for use as a winter highway treatment. Some halite is processed for use as a seasoning for food. The specimen shown above is about two inches (five centimeters) across."

"Dolomite (also known as "dolostone" and "dolomite rock") is a chemical sedimentary rock that is very similar tolimestone. It is thought to form when limestone or lime mud is modified by magnesium-rich ground water. The specimen shown above is about four inches (ten centimeters) across."

"Limestone is a rock that is composed primarily of calcium carbonate. It can form organically from the accumulation of shell, coral, algal and fecal debris. It can also form chemically from the precipitation of calcium carbonate from lake or ocean water. Limestone is used in many ways. Some of the most common are: production of cement, crushed stone and acid neutralization. The specimen shown above is about two inches (five centimeters) across."

There are huge deposits of both salt and limestone in the Detroit area and the presence of these minerals give rise to fantastic paranormal activity. As I reveal in my book, Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties, (book can be found here) limestone has the ability to record and release electromagnetic and psychic energies because it has the geological ability to do so. It is the scientific method that geologists use to study the Earth's electromagnetic field - recorded thousands, even millions of years ago. Limestone truly can record energies like the Stone Tape Theory suggests. 

There seems to be some very strange supernatural dance that continues to occur in the Motor City area and it hubs around the relationship of water, limestone, and salt. From this paranormal activity spawns the many legends that are tied to the history of Detroit. We do not fully understand how this relationship exists and the extent of its meaning. Working with great people like Derek, we hope to do our part in clearing up any confusion or breaking new ground.

In the next article on Paranormal Insights, I will take a look at a couple of sites in the Motor City (one being the first prison in our country) and expound upon this unusual, yet fascinating supernatural dance. I hope you will join me!!

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Limestone and its Paranormal Properties

     I wanted to put out a quick post that my first book is now available on Amazon! I am, of course, very excited about its release. I will have part two of the Stone Tape articles available in the next week to give you a little more insight into the research that went behind this publication. It will cover some of the early pioneers of this theory and will introduce you to some more modern contributors like Thomas Charles Lethbridge.

     If you have any trouble in ordering, please let me know. Amazon initially had informed me it wouldn't be available until October 12th. I look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you very soon. Thank you for your time and interest! :)

                                           Here is the link to get your copy.  

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The Stone Tape Theory: Modern Minds Weigh In

Flickr - Cenote Dzitnup, Adam Baker

In this second part of the Stone Tape Theory Series, I am going to introduce you to two of the great minds behind this theory - one is a scientist turned parapsychologist and the other is an archaeologist who came up with the named Stone Tape Theory - but who is actually better known for his extensive research in to the use of pendulums and dowsing rods. In the third and final article (which will be published soon), I will add in two other aspects of research that was very pertinent to my book on Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties - the complex realms of palaeomagnetism and quantum physics. I hope you find this material as fascinating as I have!!

Early Pioneer

Sir William Barrett was born on February 10, 1844 on the island of Jamaica in the British West Indies. In his younger days he was a fledgling scientist who moved to England to study under the famous physicist named John Tyndall.


After studying in this field for quite a few years, Barrett began to spawn some new interests that were not really accepted in the scientific communities of his time.

"Barrett began to take an interest in psychic phenomena in 1874 after hearing of the research of renowned scientist William Crookes...[in dealing] with mediums."

In the beginning he was a complete skeptic until some very overwhelming evidence changed his mind. This change started when he began experimenting with hypnosis, or "mesmerism," as it was called in his day. He observed a young girl, who was under hypnosis, identify playing cards taken from a pack. While his colleagues, who had heard of this unusual phenomenon, laughed at the mere mention of the paranormal, Barrett kept an open mind. About three years later, his skepticism was further eroded when he met 10-year-old Florrie Clark. She could levitate off the floor and also had the talent for communicating spirit "raps," which spelled out messages from an entity named "Walter." From this point forward he began working with known mediums at the time.

These unexplained events took an even stranger turn when he attended a table-topping session within a small family circle. One of the mediums he was investigating named Kathleen Goligher was hosting this event. After holding hands, the group recited the alphabet and then a series of knockings occurred. The knocks increased in their violence with a final boom occurring which sounded like "the blow of a sledge hammer on an anvil." The table then lifted 18 inches off of the floor and Barrett was able to see that no one was doing the actual lifting. He tried as well to push the table back down with all of his might, but it would not budge. For a scientist this was an unbelievable experience and one that changed his life forever.   

I chose Sir William Barrett as one of the men behind the inspiration of Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties because his life's work in understanding death and the afterlife has revealed some basic truths. Consciousness continues even after death, which confirms the existence of a paranormal world. He further understood through his experiences that sometimes things happen that do not have an explanation. Here is where the open mind comes into play and it is a necessary tool to understanding limestone's paranormal properties. I admire Mr. Barrett for standing up against his peers and colleagues even when they may have laughed him out of the room. This is what makes a great pioneer. 

After his death, Barrett's wife held a sitting whereby she contacted her husband. He gives us a bit of a glimpse of what it is like on the other side of the veil:

     "Life on my side seems so extraordinarily easy compared to earth...because we simply live according to the rules of love."

The Man Behind the Theory

"Thomas Charles Lethbridge (1901-1971) was a British explorer and archaeologist. He was educated at Wellington College, before attending Cambridge University at the age of eighteen, where he discovered an interest in archaeology. Once he had completed his degree, he began working as a voluntary digger for Louis Clarke, the curator of the Archaeological Museum in Cambridge."

"Lethbridge was a superb scientific researcher who put forward intelligent factually-based theories on a host of unexplained matters like ghosts, witchcraft, dowsing, psychokinesis and aliens. Through his experience with the pendulum and his work with dreams, Lethbridge concluded that there are other realms of reality beyond this one and that the soul is probably immortal."

I chose these two quotes from William Shepherd's publication about Lethbridge because they sum up his work nicely. Thomas had a very keen mind and his experimentation and very detailed documentation has completely opened up the mysterious world of the pendulum. Prior to writing this article I had heard of midwives using pendulums to determine the sex of a child, but his work has given this phenomenon a whole new meaning. (By the way, if you hold a pendulum over a pregnant mother and it swings clockwise, it will be a girl. Counterclockwise determines a boy.)

Lethbridge made some very interesting discoveries in regards to the Stone Tape Theory. He was able to ascertain that nearly every object or living thing is able to leave an imprint on the environment. His studies of the human body's emission of electromagnetic fields simply reinforce this claim. His scientific and paranormal studies bridged across nearly discipline and incorporated them into a sensible understanding. It is impossible to sum up the details of his life's work, but I encourage you to read up on him through this link.

I leave you with a quote from Thomas that will give you a little insight into his thinking on a object's ability to record psychic energy and why I chose him as the core of my book:

   "We saw that something of the personality of an Iron Age slinger remained for two thousand years in the field of the stone he slung. It is just the same with a letter. Something of your personality remains in it, which is beyond what you said in the words you wrote on the paper."
   - Beyond the Lines, Thomas Lethbridge 1969

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The Stone Tape Theory: Fiction And The Early Years

"My first book, Limestone And Its Paranormal Properties, is being published on Amazon KDP at the end of this month. As a service to you, I wanted to write a prelude to its launch so you might better understand the context in which it is written. As a thank you for what I hope will inspire you to learn more about the Stone Tape Theory, I am offering the first two chapters for free as a viewing download. Find the link here."

This month on Paranormal Insights I am focusing on the history and relevant material that pertains to this intriguing theory. Frequently I will post a brief article enlightening you on this and other related subjects. I truly do hope you enjoy!

Status Quo

There are many, many paranormal groups that have surfaced all over the world in light of the latest paranormal craze. In fact, investigating may have become the newest trend in hobbies. There are, like with anything, some good and bad points about this social phenomenon. 

One of the best points, in my opinion, is the fact that since so many people do experience supernatural happenings, then this verifies that the spirit world does indeed exist. For all of the atheists and skeptics out there, you have quite a bit of new information to process in order to further uphold your beliefs. But, to each their own. I certainly respect everyone's point of view, no matter what my thoughts may be about it. 

Perhaps one of the less pleasant things about having thousands of investigators combing every spooky building throughout the world for any knock, disembodied voice or cold spot, is that some of the "evidence" really is not reputable. I discussed last month in the article "The Orb Dilemma" (Paranormal Enlightenment Magazine), the issue of investigators shooting photos of a site and then later finding white balls in the analysis. Inexperienced or overly excited investigators will quickly assert that they have captured orbs, which in turn suggest the presence of a spirit. This over-exaggeration to find something paranormal can mislead team members to misinterpret what might actually be dust particles, rain drops, moisture in the air, debris on the digital camera lens or some other foreign material. When this happens, our craft is criticized for being bogus and written off as the musings of paredolia.

A Common Belief   

Since I began nurturing my interest in the paranormal several years ago, I noticed that there was a prevalent belief that if an investigation site possessed limestone on it, then a blanket explanation was assumed. This assumption was consistent in implying that somehow rocks like limestone and granite are able to fuel paranormal activity. 
I never once heard anyone explain why this is, although nearly every investigation team that would make this statement, the members would all nod their heads in agreement. For some reason I too joined in this weird social contagion and went along with the idea, using this assumption in my own paranormal investigations. And then one day I stopped and began to wonder - what is the story behind this unspoken rule among paranormal professionals?

Surprisingly, for as common as this theory is among the paranormal community, there really isn't an abundance of information to research on the topic. I did find some good sources, which I will share with you. First off, from a fictional perspective, there is a movie named "Stone Tape". It is a BBC television play that aired in 1972 and it is written by Nigel Kneale. I have yet to watch the production and it certainly does sound interesting:

"A research team from an electronics company move into an old Victorian house to start work on finding a new recording medium. When team member Jill Greeley witnesses a ghost, team director Peter Brock decides not only to analyze the apparition, which he believes is a psychic impression trapped in a stone wall (dubbed a 'stone tape'), but to exorcise it too - with terrifying results..."   (

I encourage you to check out the movie and extract from it the basic belief that limestone and similar rocks are able to absorb psychic energies. It is from this premise that we jump into the time machine and head back to the roots of this belief.

A Stone's Throw Back in Time

The origins of this theory takes us back to the 1800's with a man named Sir William Barrett, who was a physicist and the founder of the Association for Psychical Research. He was one of the first professional scientists to begin bridging science and the paranormal and he was well known for studying what happens at the point of death. His proposal that inanimate objects were able to somehow absorb psychic energy naturally received much criticism. Barrett fully understood the tangibly of psychic energies, as his work is a direct reflection of this controversial subject.

Back in Barrett's day recording tapes obviously did not exist. However, he was well ahead of his time in the paranormal world. He first became interested in supernatural phenomenon when he claims to have experienced mesmerism, the transference of thoughts from one person to another. From here his interests skyrocketed into exploring the world of poltergeists and then the founding of his society for those of his like mind. Not surprisingly, he was being harshly criticized for his beliefs.

Barrett is also known for exploring the realms of telepathy, clairvoyance, and a host of similar subjects. He experimented with the use of dowsing rods and eventually wrote two papers on the subject in 1897 and 1900. He is one of the unspoken and unknown pioneers in our paranormal craft and his work began to set the stage for the Stone Tape Theory.

In my next article on this fascinating subject, due for publishing September 25, I will walk you through the modern pursuits of this theory and introduce you to the paranormal explorers behind the movement. 

I hope you will join me each weekend as we lead up to the final launch of Limestone and Its Paranormal Properties: A Comprehensive Approach to the Possibilities.... on September 30, 2015. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Astral Body Light Shout And Apparition Manifestations

     Depending on where you live in the world, the idea of death and the process of dying may be very different. Some cultures do not fear death, but rather, they embrace it with celebration that the soul of their loved one is about to embark on a new and wonderful journey. A feast is laid out at the bereaved home, while drink and merry are abundant all night long. For these cultures, it is truly a blessing to be a part of someone's death process and to participate in the excitement of knowing that the deceased soul is progressing through his or her spiritual journey, on to the next level. 

    In other cultures, like ours in the United States, families tend to view death as a fearful experience shrouded in sorrow, disbelief, and the notion that this truly is the end of existence for their loved one. Mournful graves are prepared, black colors are donned, and absolute heartbreak accompanies the funeral train as it pulls into the tear-soaked roadway that leads to the eternal unrest where the lifeless body will be laid. No matter how death may be viewed in whatever culture you may be a part of, there is one certainty that is constant throughout all humanity - the point of death. 
The Final Burst
We all should be familiar with the phrase "giving up the ghost" when we talk about death. True, this process is about relaxing and turning oneself over to the peaceful sleep, however, there are deeper scientific and paranormal aspects to dying. When the spirit leaves the body it emits a very bright light in the form of a flash. This is called a "light shout" and it was initially discovered by Italian scientists who were performing research on the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

      Their studies showed that a very low-power, intense ultraviolet light had left an imprint of Jesus' body in perfect detail on the linen fabric. The blood had soaked through the cloth, but the image was a very light yellow color, superficially marking the fibers. Since the cloth was carbon-dated to the 14th century, there was abundant skepticism asserting that this fabric was not the authentic burial wrap. It was, naturally, first proposed as a fake. However, as scientists began ruling out powders, dyes, chemical pulps, acid vapors, and any other possibilities available in the 1300's, they began to disown the proposal that the Shroud was a fake. 

The Shroud of Turin
Multiple excimer laser experiments were then performed on specimens of this cloth using the most modern technology available today, but they were unable to replicate the 0.2 micrometer image.

      This lead the experts to the "hypothesis that VUV [vacuum ultraviolet] radiation could have generated the Shroud images...[which] is out of the realm of science.... Current scientific paradigm has as yet failed to produce a consistent explanation for what is observed on the Turin Shroud." (Dr. Paolo Di Lazarro - physicist and Chief of Research at ENEA)

     Although billions of people have died throughout the course of human history (it has been predicted that 60 billion souls exist), there are very few records and photos of the "light shout". One location where there has been some photo evidence is in hospitals. Cameras that run 24 hours have captured the very instance when the soul leaves the body. As far as I have been able to research, the actual "flash" has yet to be documented. There have been photos which reveal a white light rising up from the body of a newly deceased patient. So... what exactly is this light anomaly and how does it reveal the phenomenon of apparitions that people do see in their homes and in buildings all throughout the world? 

Stepping Out of Body

     Perhaps you have heard of astral projection - whereby a person has in some way transformed themselves into a trance-like or sleep state and he or she leaves their human body for a period of time. The astral body is an exact duplicate of our physical bodies and it is this entity that leaves and travels through the other planes of existence. 

The astral plane, to give another point of reference, is where we travel when we are in the dream state as we sleep. I won't get into a detailed account of what astral bodies are specifically or the five other realms which exist outside of the astral and physical ones. That may be for another article. What I do want to discuss, and I encourage you to comment either on this blog or the Google Plus site this is shared, is the astral body's relationship to death and the "light shout". 

     Once the human body has reached the point of death, it is time for the soul to depart. Instantaneously, the bright "flash" occurs and the soul is released into freedom from physical constraints. One of the interesting things about Jesus and His death is His resurrection. The traditional burial cloth that covered his body in the tomb would had to have been wrapped around him long after death because he physically died on the cross. I can only imagine the intensity of His "light shout" at the point of death - it had to be amazing. What is intriguing is that the ultraviolet image of Jesus would have been burned into the cloth once his soul returned to his body during resurrection. It would only be possible to have such an imprint in this way. Just a little something to ponder as a possibility....

The Biophoton Phenomenon

Flickr - Michael Mol
Our bodies, and every other living thing on this planet, emit photons of a non-thermal origin and can be seen in the visible and ultraviolet light spectrum. You may be familiar with the Flir camera which picks up the light signatures of people and can detect spirit entities on this ultraviolet level. It is a great tool to use during paranormal investigations because if you do find a human shape or see movement in one of the darker colors, it tends to be very strong evidence of activity. It's hard to debunk.

These biophotons are a result of cellular communication in our bodies and this activity is reflected in the form of heat. The 1st Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed into a different form. This concept is critical to understanding not only how the biophoton phenomenon works, but also how apparitions can exist. At the point of death, the heart stops beating, and then the brain ceases to function. Now, in this stage, clinical death has been achieved. There is still an abundance of energy inside the body which then is brought out with the astral body as it is leaving the physical body. The "light shout" represents the intense burst which occurs as all of the remaining life energy changes into a different form.


There are two types of apparitions - induced and spontaneous. The induced "visions" are typically caused by ingesting some sort of drug, achieving a very deep meditative state or they can be a result of certain dementia. The key with induced apparitions is that they emanate from the person, not the environment. Transversely, spontaneous apparitions do come from the environment and it is these entities that paranormal researchers are concerned. 
Residual Apparition - Pinterest, Colleen Wilder

These types of spirits can take on two states of being. There are the residual apparitions who simply repeat a certain pattern over and over again. These apparitions may continuously walk down the same flight of stairs or the spirit will perform some sort of behavior they were known for in life. This paranormal activity is the result of psychic energies embedding themselves in the atmosphere and they will be experienced just like a tape recorder playing back its content.

Intelligent apparitions are brought out in a whole different light - literally. These are spirits who can interact with the living and they may be a form of astral body that has developed into a being capable of manifestation. The return of Jesus to his apostles and other members of society is an example of an intelligent apparition. 

Intelligent Apparition - Pinterest

In our everyday lives we may interact with spirits, so long as they are able to harvest enough energy to do so. In some ways, spirits need a form of "food" to be able to enhance the natural biophotons they possess in their ethereal bodies. Electromagnetic fields, lithium batteries, and psychic energies embedded in material like limestone are good sources of "food" for intelligent apparitions. This is also the motivation behind the use of EMF pumps during paranormal investigations - it gives the spirit the required energy needed for manifestation and communication. 

"Shouts" From Different Backgrounds

I first learned about this phenomenon while researching the last article on time warps. Reading through some of Mark Nesbitt's material revealed this phenomenon in an interview with Gary James. It intrigued me so much I now have material on astral bodies and biophotons, which, of course has led to more questions about the paranormal. It's kind of like dominoes.

I am very curious, though, what other folks like yourself think about the light shout/biophoton/apparition connection. Skepticism and feedback are the bread and butter of paranormal investigations. They are just as valuable to me as a spectral writer. If you have not had an opportunity to join the Google Plus Paranormal Chat community, I encourage you to do so. There you will find a discussion moderated by yours truly on this subject. Thank you for your input and remember... death truly is just another stage of our existence as we mature through the vast universes God has created!      



Friday, July 17, 2015

Time Warps and Pennsylvania Hall in Gettysburg

A Step Back to Nostalgia

If you grew up during the 1970's, as I did, you will be familiar with the television series Star Trek. My dad and I spent countless hours every weekend watching James T. Kirk fist-fight with funny-sounding aliens from other planets who were looking to take over his spaceship or do something harmful or deceiving to his crew. Add in, of course, Mr. Spock and his "Vulcan Death Grip" and the ever present Dr. McCoy with his catch phrase "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor not a physicist" - and you have the iconic memory of my childhood and perhaps yours as well.

The original Star Trek is, as nearly anyone knows, a science fiction story created by Gene Roddenberry which is centered around the expeditions of a spacecraft which ends up outlasting its predicted lifespan:

        "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before...."

The show incorporates all sorts of space-age technologies like laser guns, invisible cloaking shields, human teleportation, and the implementation of time warps. We also meet many different races of aliens and some creatures that defy explanation, but push the boundaries of imagination. Star Trek was meant to give an imaginary vision of what life could be like in the distant future. Back in the 1970's, the show seemed absolutely amazing because all of the technology was something no one could have believed possible. Yet, amazingly, today it is possible.

The funny thing about science fiction is that even though the ideas presented at the time seemed impossible, the reality is that Gene Roddenberry (the man pictured to the right of the man in the brown suit) tried hard to follow the current scientific laws and theories that were in place in the 1970's. True, teleportation and warp drive were not technologies readily accessible then, but they are now. Well, almost. Science fiction is, however, a precursor to future technologies.

Taking teleportation as one example, we now are able to understand how this can be possible through quantum mechanics. Albert Einstein's "spooky action at a distance" has given us a starting point in understanding how the quantum world functions. The ability to "entangle" two objects and then effectively alter both objects by only affecting one, has opened up doorways to quantum encryption, atomic manipulations, and advances in fiber optics. We now, in theory, understand what must happen to make teleportation possible and the means of making it happen. It will not be much longer before we will be able to teleport an object, an animal, and finally a human being. 

This technological development is deeply fascinating and it is the theories developing from this field of thought that are literally overhauling and redefining all of our current beliefs about physics and the universe in which we live. This article, however, desires to take an in-depth look at the phenomenon of time warps. You will be greatly surprised to realize that these wormholes do not simply exist thousands of miles into space. There may be one in your back yard.  

Haunted History

Over Father's Day weekend I had an opportunity to attend the Haunted America's Conference in Alton, Illinois. At the event, one of the speakers who gave an awesome presentation was Civil War expert Mark Nesbitt. Mark was born and raised in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and has spent his life immersed in the history and, more recently, the paranormal activity in the area. About two-thirds of the way through his presentation, he began talking about a very unusual phenomenon of which I was completely unaware - time warps.

His story takes place at Gettysburg College which was built in 1837. Historically these grounds were the site of some of the worst racial violence in the 1830's. Initially, the abolitionists were using Pennsylvania Hall, located on the College campus, for meetings to promote their cause. Over the next four days, a group of women met in this building, as well as a group of black men and women, for the cause of anti-slavery. Once word got out into the streets that a large group of minorities were congregating in the hall, an angry mob smashed out windows and burned it completely to the ground. The hall was rebuilt and it is in this structure where the real paranormal activity occurred.

Mark Recounts His Story

During the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Hall was converted into a command post and a hospital, reportedly by both the Union and Confederate soldiers. Mark Nesbitt tells a story of two administrators who worked in this building several years ago. The women were leaving the third floor by elevator, headed for the main floor. Somehow the elevator continued on past the first floor and took them down to the basement level. The doors opened up and the most abhorrent scene was playing out right before their eyes, a fully functional Civil War hospital!

Courtesy of

"The women were terrified watching the doctors at work, performing meatball surgery on their patients - and watching the growing pile of amputated limbs stacked up in the corner. The scene was completely silent, but when one of the blood-soaked doctors approached them, they hit every button on the elevator and escaped."

What the two ladies saw was what is termed a "warp" in time, whereby a snippet of history is being played out on our present physical plane of existence just as it actually had happened. The claim seems to be absolutely absurd at first glance, however, Mark claims that this "warp" happened not only with these ladies, but also to a third person who has no relation to the two administrators. Each of the three people confided their stories to Mark and collectively all of the details matched exactly from one experience to another. So now the question at hand may be - how in the world is this phenomenon able to occur? For the answer, we need to step into the realm of quantum physics.

The Star Trek Fantasy Becomes Reality

If any of you follow my blog, you will have had some brief exposure to my thoughts and theories of the quantum world as it relates to the paranormal. In this instance, we can parallel some of the ideas from Star Trek, and then further expand upon them using our current scientific research into this quirky subject.  

One of the most prevalent phenomenon that the crew of Star Trek use in nearly every show is the time warp. For the members of this starship it allows them to travel many light years into the past or future through utilizing wormholes in space. In 2015, one of the most intriguing theories about time warps comes from the genius Stephen Hawking. I believe the bulk of what he is researching and proposing to the scientific world will forever shape how we see the universe. I call special attention to his latest idea that we are really 2-dimensional beings who see ourselves in 3 dimensions. I digress, though.

Another phenomenon that quantum physics is hot on the trail with exploration is the existence of parallel universes. The perception of time is changing into a purely subjective concept, running along the same explanatory lines as Erwin Schrodinger's cat experiment. Time only exists when you perceive it to exist. Objectively, it is a non-existent concept. When we really get into the meat and potatoes of most paranormal activity, we find the concept of time only to be relevant in regards to when the historical event happened. If someone were to observe, for example, an intelligent or residual haunting, time is non-existent because the paranormal activities play over and over again. This sets up the scenario for parallel universes.      

The Phenomenon of Multiple Layers

In quantum physics, it has been asserted that there are many layers to our universe which overlap one another at various points. This is an attempt to explain how Albert Einstein's "spooky action at a distance" is believed to work. In some unknown manner, a parallel universe is acting as the communication medium between two objects that have been entangled. This explains how one object can be acted upon and the second object is affected exactly the same way, no matter what the distance is between the two objects.

In the paranormal world the idea of parallel universes act in very much the same way. A very high energy series of events, such as massive amputations of Civil War soldiers, has left such a strong residual imprint on the Pennsylvania Hall basement atmosphere that, at times, this operating room "comes alive" again as the parallel universe randomly surfaces and resurfaces over time. What is absolutely fascinating about this story is that the scene appears to be an intelligent haunting, not a residual one, because "the blood-soaked doctor" approaches the two ladies, believing them to be nurses.

Science and the Paranormal: The Final Frontier

We have quite a bit to learn about time warps, parallel universes, and quantum physics in general. We are, however, making huge leaps and bounds every single day. What is even a greater challenge, approached only by a select few, is discovering and explaining how the quantum world directly relates to the paranormal realm. Since science and the paranormal continue to remain as separate entities, it is very difficult to recruit experts in the scientific fields to step in and attempt to theorize about the supernatural unknowns. It's as if the paranormal is akin to religion, and don't you dare cross the ectoplasm beams!

I know for myself personally, I am deeply fascinated with paranormal science, if you couldn't tell. As a child, I loved watching and could not wait to see the crew of the starship Enterprise brave new worlds and use technology we could only dream up in the 70's. That technology is here, right now. We also have within our immediate grasp an ability to truly decipher the long-enduring mysteries which have been inextricably tied to the paranormal realm and all of its parallel universes.