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Time Warps and Pennsylvania Hall in Gettysburg

A Step Back to Nostalgia

If you grew up during the 1970's, as I did, you will be familiar with the television series Star Trek. My dad and I spent countless hours every weekend watching James T. Kirk fist-fight with funny-sounding aliens from other planets who were looking to take over his spaceship or do something harmful or deceiving to his crew. Add in, of course, Mr. Spock and his "Vulcan Death Grip" and the ever present Dr. McCoy with his catch phrase "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor not a physicist" - and you have the iconic memory of my childhood and perhaps yours as well.

The original Star Trek is, as nearly anyone knows, a science fiction story created by Gene Roddenberry which is centered around the expeditions of a spacecraft which ends up outlasting its predicted lifespan:

        "Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before...."

The show incorporates all sorts of space-age technologies like laser guns, invisible cloaking shields, human teleportation, and the implementation of time warps. We also meet many different races of aliens and some creatures that defy explanation, but push the boundaries of imagination. Star Trek was meant to give an imaginary vision of what life could be like in the distant future. Back in the 1970's, the show seemed absolutely amazing because all of the technology was something no one could have believed possible. Yet, amazingly, today it is possible.

The funny thing about science fiction is that even though the ideas presented at the time seemed impossible, the reality is that Gene Roddenberry (the man pictured to the right of the man in the brown suit) tried hard to follow the current scientific laws and theories that were in place in the 1970's. True, teleportation and warp drive were not technologies readily accessible then, but they are now. Well, almost. Science fiction is, however, a precursor to future technologies.

Taking teleportation as one example, we now are able to understand how this can be possible through quantum mechanics. Albert Einstein's "spooky action at a distance" has given us a starting point in understanding how the quantum world functions. The ability to "entangle" two objects and then effectively alter both objects by only affecting one, has opened up doorways to quantum encryption, atomic manipulations, and advances in fiber optics. We now, in theory, understand what must happen to make teleportation possible and the means of making it happen. It will not be much longer before we will be able to teleport an object, an animal, and finally a human being. 

This technological development is deeply fascinating and it is the theories developing from this field of thought that are literally overhauling and redefining all of our current beliefs about physics and the universe in which we live. This article, however, desires to take an in-depth look at the phenomenon of time warps. You will be greatly surprised to realize that these wormholes do not simply exist thousands of miles into space. There may be one in your back yard.  

Haunted History

Over Father's Day weekend I had an opportunity to attend the Haunted America's Conference in Alton, Illinois. At the event, one of the speakers who gave an awesome presentation was Civil War expert Mark Nesbitt. Mark was born and raised in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and has spent his life immersed in the history and, more recently, the paranormal activity in the area. About two-thirds of the way through his presentation, he began talking about a very unusual phenomenon of which I was completely unaware - time warps.

His story takes place at Gettysburg College which was built in 1837. Historically these grounds were the site of some of the worst racial violence in the 1830's. Initially, the abolitionists were using Pennsylvania Hall, located on the College campus, for meetings to promote their cause. Over the next four days, a group of women met in this building, as well as a group of black men and women, for the cause of anti-slavery. Once word got out into the streets that a large group of minorities were congregating in the hall, an angry mob smashed out windows and burned it completely to the ground. The hall was rebuilt and it is in this structure where the real paranormal activity occurred.

Mark Recounts His Story

During the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Hall was converted into a command post and a hospital, reportedly by both the Union and Confederate soldiers. Mark Nesbitt tells a story of two administrators who worked in this building several years ago. The women were leaving the third floor by elevator, headed for the main floor. Somehow the elevator continued on past the first floor and took them down to the basement level. The doors opened up and the most abhorrent scene was playing out right before their eyes, a fully functional Civil War hospital!

Courtesy of

"The women were terrified watching the doctors at work, performing meatball surgery on their patients - and watching the growing pile of amputated limbs stacked up in the corner. The scene was completely silent, but when one of the blood-soaked doctors approached them, they hit every button on the elevator and escaped."

What the two ladies saw was what is termed a "warp" in time, whereby a snippet of history is being played out on our present physical plane of existence just as it actually had happened. The claim seems to be absolutely absurd at first glance, however, Mark claims that this "warp" happened not only with these ladies, but also to a third person who has no relation to the two administrators. Each of the three people confided their stories to Mark and collectively all of the details matched exactly from one experience to another. So now the question at hand may be - how in the world is this phenomenon able to occur? For the answer, we need to step into the realm of quantum physics.

The Star Trek Fantasy Becomes Reality

If any of you follow my blog, you will have had some brief exposure to my thoughts and theories of the quantum world as it relates to the paranormal. In this instance, we can parallel some of the ideas from Star Trek, and then further expand upon them using our current scientific research into this quirky subject.  

One of the most prevalent phenomenon that the crew of Star Trek use in nearly every show is the time warp. For the members of this starship it allows them to travel many light years into the past or future through utilizing wormholes in space. In 2015, one of the most intriguing theories about time warps comes from the genius Stephen Hawking. I believe the bulk of what he is researching and proposing to the scientific world will forever shape how we see the universe. I call special attention to his latest idea that we are really 2-dimensional beings who see ourselves in 3 dimensions. I digress, though.

Another phenomenon that quantum physics is hot on the trail with exploration is the existence of parallel universes. The perception of time is changing into a purely subjective concept, running along the same explanatory lines as Erwin Schrodinger's cat experiment. Time only exists when you perceive it to exist. Objectively, it is a non-existent concept. When we really get into the meat and potatoes of most paranormal activity, we find the concept of time only to be relevant in regards to when the historical event happened. If someone were to observe, for example, an intelligent or residual haunting, time is non-existent because the paranormal activities play over and over again. This sets up the scenario for parallel universes.      

The Phenomenon of Multiple Layers

In quantum physics, it has been asserted that there are many layers to our universe which overlap one another at various points. This is an attempt to explain how Albert Einstein's "spooky action at a distance" is believed to work. In some unknown manner, a parallel universe is acting as the communication medium between two objects that have been entangled. This explains how one object can be acted upon and the second object is affected exactly the same way, no matter what the distance is between the two objects.

In the paranormal world the idea of parallel universes act in very much the same way. A very high energy series of events, such as massive amputations of Civil War soldiers, has left such a strong residual imprint on the Pennsylvania Hall basement atmosphere that, at times, this operating room "comes alive" again as the parallel universe randomly surfaces and resurfaces over time. What is absolutely fascinating about this story is that the scene appears to be an intelligent haunting, not a residual one, because "the blood-soaked doctor" approaches the two ladies, believing them to be nurses.

Science and the Paranormal: The Final Frontier

We have quite a bit to learn about time warps, parallel universes, and quantum physics in general. We are, however, making huge leaps and bounds every single day. What is even a greater challenge, approached only by a select few, is discovering and explaining how the quantum world directly relates to the paranormal realm. Since science and the paranormal continue to remain as separate entities, it is very difficult to recruit experts in the scientific fields to step in and attempt to theorize about the supernatural unknowns. It's as if the paranormal is akin to religion, and don't you dare cross the ectoplasm beams!

I know for myself personally, I am deeply fascinated with paranormal science, if you couldn't tell. As a child, I loved watching and could not wait to see the crew of the starship Enterprise brave new worlds and use technology we could only dream up in the 70's. That technology is here, right now. We also have within our immediate grasp an ability to truly decipher the long-enduring mysteries which have been inextricably tied to the paranormal realm and all of its parallel universes.     

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  1. "things are only impossible until they aren't" "Visualization - before you can create something and make it real, you at least have to imagine it" That's why science-fiction fantasy writers have been better at predicting the future than 'prophets' ...

    Erwin Schrödinger (with an 'h')

    at least 70% of *our universe* - this universe - is made up of DARK MATTER* - no clues what it is. we have lots to explore 'right here' without postulating paranormal theories that depend on 'parallel universes' ~ but since we can IMAGINE them, they probably exist. :-] *

    I suspect the 'time warp' at Pennsylvania Hall has more to do with some aspects of human perception than anything of a quantum mechanical nature... It your next article, you mention our 'astral bodies' -- maybe it is with 'those eyes' that the viewers saw scenes from the distant past.

    I've seen every generation of Star Trek - there were several time anomaly/time warp plots but not so many.
    I was born in Alton, Illinois. I've had one or two psychic experiences (trivial) and one brief simple NDE/OBE