Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Astral Body Light Shout And Apparition Manifestations

     Depending on where you live in the world, the idea of death and the process of dying may be very different. Some cultures do not fear death, but rather, they embrace it with celebration that the soul of their loved one is about to embark on a new and wonderful journey. A feast is laid out at the bereaved home, while drink and merry are abundant all night long. For these cultures, it is truly a blessing to be a part of someone's death process and to participate in the excitement of knowing that the deceased soul is progressing through his or her spiritual journey, on to the next level. 

    In other cultures, like ours in the United States, families tend to view death as a fearful experience shrouded in sorrow, disbelief, and the notion that this truly is the end of existence for their loved one. Mournful graves are prepared, black colors are donned, and absolute heartbreak accompanies the funeral train as it pulls into the tear-soaked roadway that leads to the eternal unrest where the lifeless body will be laid. No matter how death may be viewed in whatever culture you may be a part of, there is one certainty that is constant throughout all humanity - the point of death. 
The Final Burst
We all should be familiar with the phrase "giving up the ghost" when we talk about death. True, this process is about relaxing and turning oneself over to the peaceful sleep, however, there are deeper scientific and paranormal aspects to dying. When the spirit leaves the body it emits a very bright light in the form of a flash. This is called a "light shout" and it was initially discovered by Italian scientists who were performing research on the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

      Their studies showed that a very low-power, intense ultraviolet light had left an imprint of Jesus' body in perfect detail on the linen fabric. The blood had soaked through the cloth, but the image was a very light yellow color, superficially marking the fibers. Since the cloth was carbon-dated to the 14th century, there was abundant skepticism asserting that this fabric was not the authentic burial wrap. It was, naturally, first proposed as a fake. However, as scientists began ruling out powders, dyes, chemical pulps, acid vapors, and any other possibilities available in the 1300's, they began to disown the proposal that the Shroud was a fake. 

The Shroud of Turin
Multiple excimer laser experiments were then performed on specimens of this cloth using the most modern technology available today, but they were unable to replicate the 0.2 micrometer image.

      This lead the experts to the "hypothesis that VUV [vacuum ultraviolet] radiation could have generated the Shroud images...[which] is out of the realm of science.... Current scientific paradigm has as yet failed to produce a consistent explanation for what is observed on the Turin Shroud." (Dr. Paolo Di Lazarro - physicist and Chief of Research at ENEA)

     Although billions of people have died throughout the course of human history (it has been predicted that 60 billion souls exist), there are very few records and photos of the "light shout". One location where there has been some photo evidence is in hospitals. Cameras that run 24 hours have captured the very instance when the soul leaves the body. As far as I have been able to research, the actual "flash" has yet to be documented. There have been photos which reveal a white light rising up from the body of a newly deceased patient. So... what exactly is this light anomaly and how does it reveal the phenomenon of apparitions that people do see in their homes and in buildings all throughout the world? 

Stepping Out of Body

     Perhaps you have heard of astral projection - whereby a person has in some way transformed themselves into a trance-like or sleep state and he or she leaves their human body for a period of time. The astral body is an exact duplicate of our physical bodies and it is this entity that leaves and travels through the other planes of existence. 

The astral plane, to give another point of reference, is where we travel when we are in the dream state as we sleep. I won't get into a detailed account of what astral bodies are specifically or the five other realms which exist outside of the astral and physical ones. That may be for another article. What I do want to discuss, and I encourage you to comment either on this blog or the Google Plus site this is shared, is the astral body's relationship to death and the "light shout". 

     Once the human body has reached the point of death, it is time for the soul to depart. Instantaneously, the bright "flash" occurs and the soul is released into freedom from physical constraints. One of the interesting things about Jesus and His death is His resurrection. The traditional burial cloth that covered his body in the tomb would had to have been wrapped around him long after death because he physically died on the cross. I can only imagine the intensity of His "light shout" at the point of death - it had to be amazing. What is intriguing is that the ultraviolet image of Jesus would have been burned into the cloth once his soul returned to his body during resurrection. It would only be possible to have such an imprint in this way. Just a little something to ponder as a possibility....

The Biophoton Phenomenon

Flickr - Michael Mol
Our bodies, and every other living thing on this planet, emit photons of a non-thermal origin and can be seen in the visible and ultraviolet light spectrum. You may be familiar with the Flir camera which picks up the light signatures of people and can detect spirit entities on this ultraviolet level. It is a great tool to use during paranormal investigations because if you do find a human shape or see movement in one of the darker colors, it tends to be very strong evidence of activity. It's hard to debunk.

These biophotons are a result of cellular communication in our bodies and this activity is reflected in the form of heat. The 1st Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed into a different form. This concept is critical to understanding not only how the biophoton phenomenon works, but also how apparitions can exist. At the point of death, the heart stops beating, and then the brain ceases to function. Now, in this stage, clinical death has been achieved. There is still an abundance of energy inside the body which then is brought out with the astral body as it is leaving the physical body. The "light shout" represents the intense burst which occurs as all of the remaining life energy changes into a different form.


There are two types of apparitions - induced and spontaneous. The induced "visions" are typically caused by ingesting some sort of drug, achieving a very deep meditative state or they can be a result of certain dementia. The key with induced apparitions is that they emanate from the person, not the environment. Transversely, spontaneous apparitions do come from the environment and it is these entities that paranormal researchers are concerned. 
Residual Apparition - Pinterest, Colleen Wilder

These types of spirits can take on two states of being. There are the residual apparitions who simply repeat a certain pattern over and over again. These apparitions may continuously walk down the same flight of stairs or the spirit will perform some sort of behavior they were known for in life. This paranormal activity is the result of psychic energies embedding themselves in the atmosphere and they will be experienced just like a tape recorder playing back its content.

Intelligent apparitions are brought out in a whole different light - literally. These are spirits who can interact with the living and they may be a form of astral body that has developed into a being capable of manifestation. The return of Jesus to his apostles and other members of society is an example of an intelligent apparition. 

Intelligent Apparition - Pinterest

In our everyday lives we may interact with spirits, so long as they are able to harvest enough energy to do so. In some ways, spirits need a form of "food" to be able to enhance the natural biophotons they possess in their ethereal bodies. Electromagnetic fields, lithium batteries, and psychic energies embedded in material like limestone are good sources of "food" for intelligent apparitions. This is also the motivation behind the use of EMF pumps during paranormal investigations - it gives the spirit the required energy needed for manifestation and communication. 

"Shouts" From Different Backgrounds

I first learned about this phenomenon while researching the last article on time warps. Reading through some of Mark Nesbitt's material revealed this phenomenon in an interview with Gary James. It intrigued me so much I now have material on astral bodies and biophotons, which, of course has led to more questions about the paranormal. It's kind of like dominoes.

I am very curious, though, what other folks like yourself think about the light shout/biophoton/apparition connection. Skepticism and feedback are the bread and butter of paranormal investigations. They are just as valuable to me as a spectral writer. If you have not had an opportunity to join the Google Plus Paranormal Chat community, I encourage you to do so. There you will find a discussion moderated by yours truly on this subject. Thank you for your input and remember... death truly is just another stage of our existence as we mature through the vast universes God has created!