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Haunted Romantic Inns

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A Ghostly Rendezvous in Georgia

The Foley House Inn is located in Savannah, Georgia and boasts one of the most romantic getaways the state has to offer. Rooms are equipped with jacuzzis, fireplaces, private balconies, courtyards, gardens, and breakfast brought to your room. But, such a beautiful place also has a haunted story that will send shivers down your spine.

"During construction in 1987 workers tore down a wall and discovered a skeleton inside of it. It is believed that the body was of a poor gentleman who was the victim of a murder. This man, named Wally, had his body hidden in this wall in the late 1800's.

The story that has been shared around was that this gentleman was trying to court the owner of the the house, Honoria Foley. He had secured a room in the Inn and would often try to make moves on Honoria. One night he decides to sneak into her room while she was asleep. Startled, Ms. Foley grabbed the nearest thing to her, a candle holder, and swung it with all of her might. The heavy candle holder struck Wally in the head, killing him instantly.

The story goes on to say that she was friends with a different man who happened to be a mason and a carpenter. He allegedly helped Ms. Foley hide the man's body in the wall of the Inn." - quotes and paraphrase from

Wally's ghost is said to still walk the grounds of the Foley House Inn. With such an abrupt death his soul may never be at rest. In life he spent much of his time tormenting himself trying to woo Honoria. He would essentially take that energy to the grave with him. Here's a YouTube video that gives you a visual representation of what happened. For some reason I cannot load this video, so you'll have to copy and paste it into your browser. Sorry...bad Blogger....


A Romantic Escape

The Charles Manwaring Cottage - courtesy Hermann Hill

At least once every year my wife and I travel to the little town of Hermann, Missouri. Our first year there we stayed at a wonderful Bed and Breakfast named Hermann Hill. Instantly, we fell in love not only with the very accomodating Inn, but also the quaint town itself. There in the bowl-shaped German hamlet life slows down for a while and everyone tends to be relaxed. It is a beautiful romantic escape for us.

South side view of Hermann Hill and Norton vineyard

Over time we decided that always staying in the Cynthiana room in their main inn pictured above was fabulous, but it was time to try a change of scenery. Terry and Peggy Hammer, the innkeepers, own their main inn and they are building cottages on a huge ridge overlooking the Missouri River down the road. We decided to stay at one of their cottages, which we have now turned into three different visits because the amenities are just as awesome.

View of cottages overlooking Missouri River

Out of the several cottages to choose from we picked the Charles Manwaring suite. The place is laid out for comfort and relaxation, however, there was more to our stay than met the eyes. Literally.

It took us a couple of stays to figure it out, but there is an entity that lives in this cottage as well. Our first time there we could sense the energies of someone with us and we would see shadows glide across the walls. As we would turn in to go to sleep, we swore we could sense someone looking through the fireplace into our bedroom. A bit creepy, but we're used to paranormal activity.

The more times we stayed at the Charles Manwaring, the more the activity intensified. We would hear rapping on the walls, tapping on the wooden table, and the clinking of dishes and glassware. We also could sense that whoever this entity was didn't want us there. A stronger negative energy became more prevalent and the shadow movements were getting quicker. The activity has gotten so intense that we will no longer stay at that cottage.

Courtesy of Flickr

Since the cottages sit high up on a ridge overlooking the Missouri River, we have a hunch who this entity may be. During the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, this spot would have been utilized by the Native Americans and other folks to see who was coming down the river. We think that it may be sacred Indian ground because I do get a sense of Native American energies in the cottage. Perhaps he is angry that these buildings have been erected on their grounds and he does not like the romantic activity (along with the wine consumption) that is increasing on this land. Whatever the reason and out of respect, this will be one of the rare times that paranormal events drive us away from a site.

The Bears Head in England

Source: courtesy of Flickr
"The Bears Head public house in the county of Cheshire is a black and white coaching Inn dating back to 1615. It carries the sign of a muzzled bears head which was the traditional emblem of the Brereton family. Legend has it that Sir William Brereton was interrupted by his valet while he was dining, and in a fit of anger he purused the valet, caught him and then murdered him. Consumed with guilt Sir William traveled to London to crave pardon from the King. He was then detained in the Tower of London, his life being spared on the condition that he designed an effective muzzle for a bear." - ludchurch

I have introduced you to the Bears Head not because it is a haunted romantic inn, although nearby in Cheshire Hall there are reports of an apparition called "The Grey Lady" that has been seen walking the grounds. 
No, instead I wanted you to visualize what the inn looks like in the next story. I have been asked to keep all revealing information private, and so keep in mind that the site where this story takes place has nearly the exact architecture as the Bears Head, but has absolutely nothing to do with the location in Cheshire.

A True Story

Finding a way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and make a romantic escape with a loved one is always an exciting experience. Each couple has there "favorite spot", but every now and then it is good to find a new location. The woman and her husband in this story did just that.

They found an inn not too far from their house that they had known about for a while and had always wanted to visit. The building style is, as said earlier, in the same fashion as the Bears Head. Walking inside the inn, the place had a mysterious air about it as she and her husband walked through the lobbies, passing stuffed bears and various family crest heirlooms. She said that as they walked to their room the atmosphere seemed to have a odd haze to it. It wasn't from smoking cigarettes or wood burning because smoking is prohibited and none of the fireplaces worked. It just seemed weird, but they blew it off as nothing.

The room itself was designed with armchairs, a television, and a bar to sit at. The highlight of the experience was the bedroom. In it was a king-sized plush bed with a hot tub at the foot of it. Mirrors covered each wall and the entire ceiling. It was quite a romantic event finally getting to stay the night here and she and her husband were ready to have an enjoyable time. Neither one of them could ever have imagined what would actually happen that night.

After spending about an hour in the hot tub, the two of them get out, dry off, and get dressed in comfy clothes. The room is essentially separated into two sections. One is the living area and the other, the bedroom. Between the two rooms is a 4-inch step that steps down from the bedroom. After getting dressed, the woman in our story goes to leave the bedroom, walking in front of her husband.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere a very large and fast-moving white apparition passes in front of her husband. The entity makes contact with her and shoves her out of the bedroom. This entity not only pushes her out, but also shoves her down, causing her body to slam onto the tile floor. It happened so quickly that you could hear the limp smack of her body hitting the ground. She had zero time to prepare to catch herself. She hit the floor with full impact.

Her husband rushes to her side and begins helping her up. He can see in her eyes that the force of the impact has brought her to the point of passing out. She didn't hit her head, thank God. But, he talks to her and finally after some effort brings her around to full consciousness. She has sustained a serious injury.

Please watch the following short video and you will begin to get an idea of what her injury was.

This physical attack by a dark entity brought the couples' romantic escape to an abrupt end. She had to go to the doctor's office to have her foot examined after a visit to the emergency room. What they found astonished her doctor. She had what is called a Cortical Avulsion Navicular Fracture.

This type of injury normally only happens with athletes, namely those in the sport of pole vaulting. The impact that is required to cause this type of fracture is equivalent to someone jumping out of a second-story window and the landing on the foot at an angle. However, in the case of our story, this happened to a woman falling off a 4-inch step!

Her doctor did not believe her when she told him the truth. He was very suspicious and began asking questions about her home life, as if she might be in an abusive relationship. She was not, but he wasn't convinced. Her injury was impossible by all medical standards. He finally relented and installed a foot boot for several weeks. She still suffers from this injury today.

Concluding Thoughts

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and spending some quality time with your life's partner. A very popular thing to do is to escape to a romantic inn for a wonderful pampered stay. But, just like any other site throughout the world, the property you are on may be haunted and have its own unique story.

At the Foley House Inn a body was walled up in the establishment for decades, and no one knew. In that case the pursuit of love (or some aberration of it) cost Wally his life and forever changed Honoria and what she had done as a result.

The Charles Manwaring cottage is a great place to stay - my wife and I loved the comfortable couch, the hot tub and jacuzzi amenities, the view over the Missouri river, and being able to grill up some local bratwursts while sipping some Stone Hill wine. But, there was an entity there that made our stay very creepy. You really could feel someone leaning over and looking through the fireplace at us in the bedroom. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

And then there is the story of the woman who suffered an athletic injury as a result of an entity attack. It really makes me ponder just how much energy spirits are able to harvest for their own purposes. In this case, the dark apparition was fueling itself from the sexual energies of the patrons. We all know how strong that can be. And so did that entity. It gave him super strength that shattered the power of love.

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