Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spirit Influences and the Psychology of Oppression

"A moth continuously flies into a burning light bulb. It bounces off only to return again. Oblivious to its environment, its focus remains only on its intended source. It persists in being stuck in an endless game. Eventually, though, the vicious cycle will cease... and it will die."

Have you ever wondered what the greater scheme of this life holds in store for us? We have so many unanswered questions about the reason for our existence that sometimes the lines get blurred between true reality and what we fool ourselves into believing. And anyway, who really knows what the real reality is? I personally believe there are multiple levels of existence for physical creatures, spirits, good and evil entities, and the hierarchy that ascends to our Creator. Assuming all of these levels exist or that something exists, what could be the bigger picture that we are a part of? We remain trapped within the scope of our physical lives, but at the same time there are forces constantly working with and against us, invisibly influencing our daily decisions. I think that by understanding those influencing factors, we can gain a better vision of the larger macrocosm that surrounds us - and the paranormal world....

The Presence of Negative Entities

Those of us who have suffered from oppression understand how negative entities can adversely affect life. And yes, I said "us." I have personally watched the invisible workings of evil creatures within my own home that have also continued to follow us out into the larger world. Generally demons will remain in one certain location, but they can follow you out into public and directly affect people who cross your path who in turn will affect you. Aaron Goodwin of Ghost Adventures attributes his divorce to a negative entity that followed him home from Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky. It is a strange game of deception and manipulation. I have had enough experience with this phenomenon that now I know when it is about to unfold.

The first thing you will notice is that the atmosphere is "buzzing" and has a heavy, excited feel to it. Inside you may feel a bit of a pressure being exerted from an external source. Your heart may feel stressed as it may beat irregularly in your chest. Demonic entities can physically affect you and can cause considerable damage. This is a concern that is currently under investigation in regards to the harmful effects placed upon professional and novice ghost hunters. Soon you may see health hazard warnings being posted at paranormal investigation sites.

I know it may sound a bit bizarre, but there really is credible evidence of investigators coming down with strange heart and internal organ problems that, for some, have led to hospitalization. As an example, author and haunted survivor Stephen LaChance attributes his sudden heart surgery to the demonic activity he was exposed to in the Union, Missouri Screaming House. The shocking reality is that paranormal investigators may be exposed to more than they realize - especially in a long-term sense.

We might at first think that since spirits are invisible, that is non-physical, that they cannot necessarily harm our body's health. Perhaps to put this in a better perspective, one should keep in mind:
  • Spirits have figured out how to harness electrical power from batteries and they have the ability to disrupt radio signals. They can also interfere with any of the audio and visual technology we use today. This may stem from the knowledge of or natural ability to manipulate magnetic fields.
  • Entities can pull your own life energy from your body. Usually you have to invite them in some way, whether directly or indirectly through an activity in which you are partaking. This can also happen while you are sleeping. When it has occurred you will wake up disoriented and drained. A good example of this phenomenon is an attack by a succubus.
  • Certain paranormal locations are more conducive to activity because of their geological composition. The natural landscape can contribute to an entity's ability to harvest energy from such materials as limestone, quartz, water, and granite. It may be possible that spirits have discovered how to do this by using some form of quantum entanglement.
In many ways the spirit and physical world intersect and can interact with each other. Perhaps the greatest way this can happen is through psychic energies emanating from our brains. We are beginning to better understand the talents of psychics and how they can tap into the unseen realms. The he focus of the rest of this article is how the mind can interact with the spirit world and what the repercussions could be for the thoughts we create and then act upon.

A Matter of Faith

It is taught within many religious circles that your thoughts are just as important as your actions. If you think something in your mind then it will manifest itself in some way physically - whether it is a direct action, body language, or thought projection. This is why it is taught that if you are a married person and you think about sexually engaging with someone else, then you have committed adultery. Mentally or physically there is no difference, it is all infidelity at its core.

I think many of us underestimate the power of thought and the impact it can have on our environment and especially with others. Demonic spirits, on the other hand, do not. They know the power of the mind and the strength psychic manipulations have on humans. Here is something to consider:
     I will wager with almost complete certainty that every one of you reading this article has witnessed the power of thought. Consider at any time in your life when you may have stared at someone from a distance. Since you are not within their immediate vicinity, then they do not notice you staring. But then suddenly, something unconsciously clicks in their mind and they turn to look in your direction. Something has transpired to make that happen.

If you have never tried this experiment before, give it a whirl. You'll be surprised how effective a staring thought can be.

Influenced By Time
"Humans are amphibians - half spirit and half animal. As spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time. This means that while their spirit can be directed to an eternal object, their bodies, passions, and imaginations are in continual change, for to be in time means to change." - The Screwtape Letters, Chapter VIII

Just as you have the ability to affect others within your thought parameter, so too do negative and positive spirits. One of the greatest books ever written that covers this subject is, in my opinion, The Screwtape Letters written by C.S. Lewis.

In his famous book, Mr. Lewis introduces us to Screwtape, the Devil himself and his nephew-in-training Wormwood. Throughout each chapter Screwtape gives his nephew valuable advice on how to convert humans away from the "Enemy" and influence them to join their side.

The methods that Wormwood employs are taken from real life experiences that Mr. Lewis has observed in our physical world. They are very sinister, underhanded, and most of the time unknown to the person that they are exercised upon. The Screwtape Letters beautifully represent the psychological tools that negative spirits use to influence our daily decisions. And, as our societies take their advice and move closer and closer to the darker things of this world (e.g. greed, money, power, lust, promiscuity, immoral business practices), so too do the demons become more powerful. If we continue at the pace we are currently engaged in, they may soon control us like marionettes and do so just as effectively as they have controlled all of the major kingdoms in human history.

Please keep in mind that I am offering my perspective, my own opinion, on this subject. What I am attempting to assert is that the more our human race turns to the dark side or is unknowingly influenced in that direction, the more the spiritual veil between our world's weakens. Should that occur, then everyone will be more easily subjected to the forces of demonic oppression and our societies would slowly begin to collapse.  I know, it does sound like an end of times movie.

Final Thoughts

The spirit realm has a far greater ability to affect our physical world than we may realize. Phenomenon like poltergeist are just one of the mysterious ways this can happen. Demonic suggestions like the ones C.S. Lewis reveals are another, more subversive way they can influence us. Should we be afraid? No, I do not believe that is necessary. However, I do believe it is our job as paranormal investigators, researchers, and other para-enthusiasts to help ensure that the practices we are involved with do not contain inherent dangers to ourselves or anyone else. Discovering and understanding the true knowledge of what lies on the other side of the veil will help ensure our noble goals.