Thursday, April 28, 2016

Poltergeist Fires and Spontaneous Human Combustion


"The floor of the chamber was thick-smeared with a gluish moisture, not easily got off...and from the lower part of the window trickled down a greasy, loathsome, yellowish liquor with an unusual stink....Four feet from the bed was a heap of ashes, two legs untouched, stockings on, between which lay the head, the brains, half of the back-part of the skull and the whole chin burned to ashes, among which were found three fingers blackened. All the rest was ashes which had this quality, that they left in the hand a greasy and stinking moisture." - J. Bianchini, Gentlemen's Magazine 1746

I can remember back in high school,  before the age of computers,  the roots of my research passion. Although I am certain to be giving away my age, I mention this fact because it was by combing through a volume of Encyclopedia Brittanica that I first came across the subject for this month - spontaneous human combustion. I remember looking through the photos of severely burned bodies who mysteriously had other parts fully intact. How in the world is this possible? Is it even fathomable that this phenomenon is simply a wild hoax? Three decades later,  I hope to be able to at least offer up a plausible theory or two that might explain these insane bursts of fire. So, here we go....

In an effort to debunk any natural possibilities,  let's first take a look at what happens when this phenomenon occurs.  Certain body parts are burned to ashes while other limbs in the immediate vicinity are untouched. Sometimes only part of a limb, torso, or head is burnt, leaving the rest fully intact. The strangest thing of all is that many times there is a flammable material within inches of the ashes, but it too is not even singed. Nearly every single person who has suffered spontaneous human combustion has died or has been found dead - but not all of them. There are a couple of survivors of this bewildering phenomenon, although the circumstances around their claims are a bit questionable.

If we look at spontaneous human combustion (SHC) from a common sense point of view - in order for this phenomenon to occur there must be a concentration of energy which is equivalent to the energy required to turn bone into ash. In some way a focused area must rise up over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, destroy any material in the area, and then very quickly extinguish itself. Keep in mind that human bone must be subjected to a fire of 3,000 degrees for 4 hours to turn to ash, so a quick burst into ash must easily exceed the 5,000 degrees mentioned. This phenomenon requires far more than just a burning cigarette or the ignition of a flammable substance. The intensity of SHC demands an explanation that goes beyond the ordinary - defying our current scientific understanding.

What Is Our Current Scientific Understanding?

The most plausible solutions provided by the science community is two-fold. First, there is the Wick-effect theory which states that SHC occurs when someone is exposed to an ignition source that catches the clothing on fire and melts the human fat tissue. The melting process cause the fat to absorb into the material and then serves as a candle for a continuous burn. The claim is that the end result is the charred remains that have been discovered.

The other explanation offers up a proposal that nearly all of the people involved with SHC had been consuming alcohol, smoking tobacco, or a combination of both. Somehow the human body has the capability to chemically incinerate itself. This would suggest that somewhere in the blood or within the body's cellular system that a concentrated internal heat builds up, goes haywire, and causes the flesh and bone to erupt into a sustained 5,000+ degree fire.

When I was reading these explanations to this phenomenon, I thought of Swiss cheese. There are a few "holes" in these proposals and I find it difficult to accept either one. Now granted, yes, this is a very unique phenomenon that defies all logical explanation. Despite that challenge, though, it is hard to accept that 200 victims over the course of two centuries can be explained in these ways. 

Why wouldn't they have fought against the slow burn of the Wick-effect? 
With these theories, can the temperature really get high enough to turn bone to ash? 
If consuming alcohol is to blame for the chemical internal fire, why aren't there thousands, even millions of more cases?   

Since science seems to have fallen short of a feasible solution, perhaps the paranormal realm might offer some insight. Throughout history, just like in spontaneous human combustion, there have been reports of poltergeist fires with unknown origins. These incinerations have not been linked to the cremation of body parts, but the origins of them may shed some light on SHC.

The Mystery of Poltergeist Fires

In the tiny town of Odon, Indiana in June of 1940, a series of fires broke out on the William Hackler farm that has left everyone scratching their heads. This case is just one of many examples of these mysterious fires occurring throughout the world that continues to baffle the authorities today. 

The first fire was found by Mr. Hackler himself, pouring forth from an upstairs wall below a window. The house was not wired for electricity and the source seemed to come from inside the wall itself. There were no stove fires burning at time either. The fire department was called in and the flames were extinguished. This case was particularly mysterious because there were multiple fires that erupted and were observed, at times, by more than a dozen witnesses:

  • A book was found burning from the inside, the cover completely intact.
  • A set of coveralls burst into flames
  • The family's damp dishwasher caught fire
  • Bedspread catches fire in front of a dozen witnesses
  • The roof catches fire
  • Window blinds were charred from another fire
  • A medicine cabinet burns from the inside
  • A book in a desk drawer also burns from the inside with covers undamaged
The family finally decided to gather up what belongings were left and flee the premises. They were going to just let it burn down. Suddenly, though, the fires stopped. In the end it is claimed that over 100 firemen had put out 28 different fires on the premises. These assertions are absolutely amazing however; as was mentioned earlier, the bizarre events in the Odon Poltergeist Fire have also been found in other locations throughout history. 

Just like spontaneous human combustion, authorities have never been able to determine the sources of poltergeist fires. A few cases have been solved by discovering that a family member was caught starting them, but yet others defy all logic and investigation. There are theories that the human mind has some sort of ability to alter the environment, causing fires or objects to move - some of the more popular cases are those linked to exorcisms.  

Although poltergeist fires have received no better explanation than spontaneous human combustion, there is one consistency between the two phenomena - the source of the energy may derive from a atmospheric or spirit portal. So, what exactly does that mean? For the explanation let's start with a natural law of science which everyone should be familiar with at least to some degree.

Physics Meets the Paranormal

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be altered into a different form. With that in mind, the massive amount of concentrated energy to cause SHC or the random energy of poltergeist fires must come from somewhere. There have been plenty of investigations that would suggest it did not come from any obvious source in this physical world. 

So, if not from here, then where? My proposal is that it comes from another dimension, a sort of spirit portal. Why would this be a possibility? For an answer, let's take an in-depth look at what a physical portal is and where they can be found.

Courtesy of NASA
In 2012, NASA's observations of the THEMIS spacecraft and Europe's Cluster probes have verified that magnetic portals do exist and that they "open and close dozens of times each day." The most predominant ones, and the closest ones for us to study, which exist in our part of space are "where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the Sun's atmosphere 93 million miles away."

These portals, or what scientists are calling electron diffusion regions:

    "...are small and short-lived; others are yawning, vast, and sustained. Tons of energetic particles can flow through the openings, heating Earth's upper atmosphere, sparking geomagnetic storms, and igniting bright polar auroras." -Jack Scudder, plasma physicist University of Iowa (quote and paraphrase)

It is a fascinating discovery on NASA's part to have not only proven the existence of electromagnetic portals, but they also have been able to use the THEMIS spacecraft to communicate when one of these anomalies opens up.

Here on the surface of the Earth, electron diffusion regions manifest themselves daily, just on a much smaller scale. They are scattered all over the planet and there is a very high probability that you have more than one in your home. I have seen them in my own house and also on investigations sites. They manifest as the colored flashes of light that usually appear quickly and then dissipate just as fast. Must of the ones in my home have a blue light. 

On some paranormal investigation sites there have been photos taken of spirit portals and many times they appear as streaks of fire. In Union, Missouri, the Screaming House has three portals on its property that were opened up by voodoo and dark rituals. The photo below was taken in the back yard where one of the three portals is known to exist.

Creating More Questions

Now, you may be able to guess where I am going with all of the aforementioned information... 

If physical portals have been proven to exist with the capability to surge massive amounts of energy into the Earth, then why couldn't they exist as a similar phenomenon in the spirit world as well? 

Could it be possible that the energy portals which exist in every home or location on the planet be the microcosmic cause for spontaneous human combustion - the energy surging through these wormholes in the same fashion as the Sun's electromagnetic field and thus causing the 3,000+ degree heat to turn bone into ash? 

Might the 200+ cases of this phenomenon (an close average of once a year since the mid-1700's) simply be the result of people being in the wrong place at the wrong time when one of these portals randomly opened, spewing out a massive amount of energy? 

Could poltergeist fires be the result of small energy portals opening just long enough to cause the mysterious fires we read about in the Odon, Indiana case and others like it?

Or...are there evil entities on the other side manipulating and purposely unleashing destructive energies through these wormholes onto suspecting victims? 

What do you think?


  1. Awesome theorys to think about...thank I'm sleeping in a tub of water

    1. Thank you a. Hughes for your comment! I appreciate the chuckle regarding the tub of water! I would imagine if combustion did happen in a tub of water, though, you might just get flash boiled. :)

  2. This is from Kundalini power it is god force energy sometimes things go out of control with it.when it causes humans to catch on fire we burn like a candle ... nothing paranormal really going on here.of course people would rather it be something else it is not..

    1. Thank you Denise for the insight! I am unfamiliar with the energies associated with the practice of yoga, but thanks to you I am now researching Kundalini energies. Appreciate the comment! :)