Friday, August 19, 2016

The Quirky Phenomena of Haunted Objects - Explained?

When one thinks of a spirit or soul inhabiting something, we usually associate that "something" being a living entity - whether human, angelic, demonic or animal. This "inhabitation" would be performed many times by a type of priest and usually involving some sort of ceremony. The photo above shows a large array of the dolls used in African cultures for similar religious purposes.

One of the most difficult phenomena to explain is how it is possible for spiritual energy to enter into and possess inanimate objects. At first glance this might seem to be only something you might read about in a Steven King novel. And perhaps you might. The quirky thing about haunted objects, though, is that very few people understand how these phenomena actually work - if anyone really does. What might be an explanation for that doll that runs through the house when no one is home or whispers your name in the middle of the night?

In this article I will introduce you to a few of our more modern cursed objects and what paranormal phenomenon they are claimed to exhibit. Then, I will try to dig deep into quantum physics, brainwaves, and spirit communication in search of assertions/theories which may explain items like haunted dolls, paintings, and other spectral relics. First, though, let's take a look at a few of these infamous objects you may or may not be familiar with that have made the paranormal news over the past few years.

The Crone

If you happen to be a fan of the Paranormal Traveling Museum or the website Week in Weird, then you will certainly be familiar with the duo of Greg and Dana Newkirk. Maybe you haven't heard of them? Well, to give you a quick synopsis.... They have established a wonderful collection of unusual artifacts and haunted objects. Many of these items were given to them by people who wanted to desperately wanted to get rid of them. For some, the sense of urgency to be rid of these items led them to drive great distances to meet up with Greg. That is how much trouble these haunted objects have caused them. 

In the 52 second video below you will catch a quick glimpse of "The Crone." This wooden doll has left the paranormal community scratching its head. It not only has the ability to move, but it also has been reported to leave wet footprints behind as it travels in and around their museum.

The Crone is not the first haunted object to be recorded moving on its own. An Egyptian relic in the Manchester, UK museum has been videotaped moving 180 degrees with no apparent reason for its movement. When officials have moved it back to its original position, it will make the 180 degree turn again. The statue is an offering to the Egyptian God Osiris, the god of the dead. It is also linked to Tutankhamen and the curse of the Pharaoh. The 4,000-year-old relic has scientists scratching their heads and visitors left in awe. 

I invite you to check out the Daily Mail article and the embedded video here. 

The Idol of Nightmares

This haunted object has a very fascinating and creepy history tied to it. Discovered in a basement crawlspace in Dayton, Ohio it wields some very extraordinary power. In all of my research on the paranormal, I have not encountered a haunted object that has had such far-reaching consequences.

The idol first began to appear in the room of the family's little boy. He claimed for a week that this doll had come into his room and pulled of his covers. His parents did not believe him until it happened to them. They experienced nightmares so terrible they could not share them. The dad tried to wrap the idol back up and put it into the crawl space, but that just stirred up poltergeist activity. Ready to throw it away, he decided to give it to Greg and Dana.

In the video below you will experience the Idol of Nightmares as Greg and an investigation team talk about experiences. Near the end, you will hear EVP recordings of this haunted object making strange groveling noises which apparently it loves to do on cue. A cursed relic with an ego - who would have thought?!

The Anguished Man Painting

Another very haunted object was created by a man using his own blood. It was given to Sean Robinson by his grandmother and she claims that after the man finished the painting, he committed suicide. 

Sean kept the painting in his cellar and shortly afterwards strange activity began to happen. At night he would hear crying and sobbing in the house which he thought may be just cats outside. Then a shadow was being seen in his peripheral vision. As time progressed, the family began to experience things and the crying sounded like it was coming from his bedroom. One night, a dark figured was seen standing at the foot of Sean's bed. 

Once he brought the painting upstairs to hang on the hallway wall, his dog refused to follow him to his room and the paranormal activity increased - cold spots, whispers, sudden feelings of being watched, and at one point his son claims that he was pushed down the stairs.    

Here, as you can see from the photo, the artist was suffering from deep traumatizing thoughts as he poured his emotional energies into this painting. Once he had finished the work, he ended his life. All of this energy transferred itself into this inanimate object, in a sense, absorbing part of his soul. 

From the experiences that Sean has related, it would seem the man's spirit has attached itself to the painting and it has the ability to create residual hauntings wherever it is. This painting, as well, has the capacity to enter into the dream states of those in its vicinity, causing nightmares somewhat similar to The Idol of Nightmares.

There are many people who are calling Sean's painting a hoax, but he has recorded YouTube footage to try and prove that his claims are real. I think in the end it is you, the reader, that must decide if any of these haunted objects are actually legit.

To help you make this decision, I want to introduce you to a couple lines of reasoning that I think pertain to the validity of haunted objects.

Brain Waves of Quantum Dimensions

Attempting to explain how haunted objects are able to wield such amazing power through studying the various fields of science - namely quantum mechanics and brain wave function - have proven extremely difficult. 

Thus far in my research I have not been able to make the definitive links necessary to offer up a sound explanation. A few pieces of information that I am actively considering for connections are:

  • James Clerk Maxwell introduced the world to the field of electromagnetism by merging the disciplines of electrical properties and magnetism. We know that spirit activity is determined by these unified electromagnetic properties. This energy is what most devices measure during paranormal investigations.
  • The human brain functions as a series of electrical impulses that create beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves. Each of these waves is experienced in either or waking, meditative or sleep states.
  • There are not any subatomic particles that carry the delta name except for the delta baryon. A baryon is a type of hadron. Hadrons are subatomic particles -the most stable being protons and neutrons. 
  • Although it does not seem obvious that brainwaves are made of actual physical particles, they may be similar to electromagnetic radiation waves. What we do know about electromagnetic fields is that they are composed photons, which are actual particles. Is it possible that there may be some connection here?
  • Getting back to the subatomic thinking... we may be able to make a connection between delta baryons and photons because both are made up of quarks. If we use deductive reasoning, then perhaps delta brainwaves (and theta ones for that matter) may function like baryons and photons and thus give tangible mass for a haunted object to absorb - as it already is able to do so with electromagnetic fields.
  • In the quantum world it has been proven that particles behave in waves. This has been verified through the double-slit experiment. Since particles behave like waves and brain function behaves in waves, could there be some parallel correlation?
Without delving any further into the mind-boggling scientific aspects of haunted objects, I have made the previous assertions to reveal yet another assertion:

Could it be possible that the physical brainwave elements needed to think up a curse might also be able to physically incorporate itself into a wooden object or canvas painting?
I invite you to walk further with me into the scientific realm of the paranormal, and to continue this line of reasoning, at my sister site

Planes of Existence

Let's take a look at perhaps an easier explanation for how haunted objects like the Idol of Nightmares or the Anguished Man painting are able to exhibit their paranormal activity.

This explanation plunges a little bit into the realm of religious faith, but I think everyone - no matter what your beliefs - can follow me in this line of reasoning. It has been proposed by several different religions/philosophies that there are at least 7, and as many as 31, planes of existence. 

Of all of these the first three are perhaps the only ones we may want to focus on for this explanation. We exist in the physical plane - that which you see around you and the realm your body must conform. The next level up is the etheric plane. Here is where the dream state occurs. The next plane above this one is the astral plane. It is here that angels, positive spirits, and other like entities exist. On the lower astral plane is where demons and other negative entities reside. Keep this hierarchy in mind as I move into the next assertion.

Consider this... when we pray - or if you do not - when a church member prays, a kind of "channel" is opened up through and into the three planes of existence. Prayer is intended to be a way of reaching the highest levels where God exists through communication of the mind and spirit. As such, faith devoted to prayer results in endless and amazing possibilities. It is this function or act of the human psyche and spirit that I want to use as a model to explain haunted objects and how they may function.

In a sense, objects like The Crone or the Anguished Man work similar to "portals." When a person or group of people purposely focus their mental energies on a object for a lengthy period of time, they may be able to open up a communication channel similar to way prayers work. However, in this case, the intended recipients on the other side of the "wire" may be negative entities that are now being given power to manifest ill-intent in the chosen doll, painting or physical object. The object does not necessarily have to be anything specific.

Ouija boards, to provide a familiar example, have the capacity to work along these lines as well. If a user opens up a "door" through the board and does not purposefully close it, it can and usually will remain open. In essence, haunted objects may simply be a physical representation of a spirit portal intentionally opened up by someone or a group of people devoted to channeling a negative or perhaps evil intent. The Idol of Nightmares may work in this way as well, except it prefers to function within the etheric plane - the realm of dreams. It is here that we are more vulnerable than in the physical plane where our bodies inhabit.

Is all of this talk about "portals," planes of existence, and "doors" the mere ramblings of a "tin-foil hat" lunatic? Let's see what science may have to say about it....

The Multiverse and Parallel Universes

Science has really taken a forefront on the various dimensions that exist within our multiverse. Although most theories offered up by physicists can be rather confusing, they are laying a foundation for monumental discovery. We clearly understand that there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Pioneers like Stephen Hawking are presenting the science community with explanations never before considered. 

I encourage you to check out this article on parallel universes. Parallel Worlds Exist and Interact with Our World, Say Physicists. In this very current publication (August 10, 2016) it contains a video that should help you better understand what physicists define as a parallel universe.

Then consider... could the planes of existence mentioned in this article be very similar to the parallel universes our scientific communities have discovered?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to comment in the box below or whatever social media site this is shared on - and thank you!!

Final Thoughts 

I wanted to leave you with one more piece to consider. Here is a 2-minute video explaining very briefly what the 11th dimension may consist of and how it might be perceived by us. Our understanding of space and time are truly taking on new dimensions, no pun intended. These discoveries are going to radically transform the paranormal world and how we understand it. Haunted objects are very powerfully unique elements that have possessed supernatural qualities as far back as humans have existed. Are we finally making some headway in understanding these "magical" tools?

Again, I challenge you to offer up your thoughts on any of these subjects. It is through intelligent discussion that we may perhaps discover more possibilities in understanding what lies on the other side of the veil!!

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