Friday, September 2, 2016

Mike Huberty of Sunspot Hosts Yours Truly: A Podcast Interview

Over the final weekend in June, as I have mentioned many times throughout my various sites, I had the pleasure of attending the Haunted America Conference in the paranormal hot spot of Alton, Illinois. Last year was my first attendance and so this year there were a few familiar faces like Sherri Brake, Rosemary Ellen Guiley and, of course, our host Troy Taylor.

Little did I realize at the time that meeting Mike and Wendy from the rock band Sunspot would become such an honor. Since the conference I have done some research on them, as I do with everyone I meet. (It is my niche and passion, naturally) After listening to their music, checking out their podcast, and reading their blog I was quite impressed. 

The group, who also includes Ben Jaeger, began its journey fresh out of college in 1996. Very early on the Madison, Wisconsin "power pop" group embraced technology and, because they did so, were able to secure an enduring niche in the music industry. Their sound is intimately tied to all things paranormal and mysterious:

"[Sunspot's] music is sunny on one side and dark on the other. Quirky songs ripe with metaphors blur the lines between the paranormal and pop culture, finding inspiration from the likes of sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke and occultism Aleister Crowley."

The band's ability to embrace nearly every genre empowers them to appeal to many audiences. 

"The band members...are not ashamed to admit that their musical influences range from Queen and Iron Maiden to Brad Paisley and Weezer to Green Day and Social Distortion."

Mike and Wendy not only work very hard at maintaining Sunspot's fun musical productions, but they also love to do podcasts. From my research I have discovered that they have done well over 300 episodes. Most of the early ones were broadcasted from their tour van and, furthermore, they were produced during the days when many folks had never even heard of a podcast.

I am very honored that Mike agreed to have me on his show, "See You On The Other Side."
I had a lot of fun during the interview, as I continued to learn about his many and diverse paranormal interests and great sense of humor.

I invite you to check out our time together by clicking here.

Every podcast episode has a blog post behind it and the group takes the time to write a song for each one as well. The lyrics follow the podcast theme. Naturally, episode 107 is based on my book Limestone... Here is their song - I truly hope you enjoy!!!

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